Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Penang - Sungai Ara - Western Cuisine

Type: Halal
Location: Sungai Ara - Springfield - Jumbo Delicious (Western Cuisine)
Contact: 04 644 9233
Operation hour:
1800 - 2300 (for dinner)

Address: 306C-1 (GF), Jalan Dato' Ismail Hashim, Sungai Ara, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang. (After SMK Sungai Ara, directly opposite Pearl Garden)

Parking convenience: Fair
Hygiene: Fair

Family Restaurant


First, I would like to express my gratitude to the restaurant manager after I conveyed my intention to capture the food. Thank you very much on your understanding.

I assume due to past experience, there was some incidents occurred thus there is a sign board stated no photography is allowed.


Had visited several times with family, the environment is friendly and cheerful. On my 3rd or 4th visits, only the foreign waiter mixed up the order which was not a serious issue to cause any unhappy experience. Indicated with the first title - Family restaurant - because there is - firstly - no additional service tax. Secondly, if you bring your kid (below 12-year-old), the kid eats for free.  

My name is Garlic Bun! (not the sliced long stick version)



Don't think this starter should have any bombastic naming. I just called in simpler way - salad will do! Love the big portion and the separate bowl for dressing. You can choose whether you wish to add the possibly thousand island dressing.

Mushroom Soup


Sounds like I intend to shout again - 我爱蘑菇汤 (insane again - I love mushroom soup)

Simply conclude - I come for mushroom soup. In despite of my preference on thick wild mushroom taste, the creamy smooth taste able to bring the tasting bud to the highest level. Ahem, this works for me. Not sure what about your end :-) According to the restaurant manager who shares with me, there is no artificial sweetness nor additional sugar added in. The wild mushroom fragrant indeed making me gone wild to dip the garlic bun (of course it is in bun shape!) to bite.

Chicken chicken chicken!

Of course, not all the different type - I'm attracted by their chicken chop. Portion is big than I expected. The chicken chop served in two version. Of course still fried-lar. Let me finish first! One half portion served with unique thick taste gravy while another half portion served in dry version to give you very contrast stimulation. 

The potato wedge considered good as there is no oily taste like KFC (sorry if you are a fan of KFC!). Taste is good also based on probably the oil they used to fry. 

Well, on my last visit before this post. I did try out the grill chicken (apologize, I didn't bring any camera, too busy on both eating and babysitting little monster). The grill chicken was a bit over-grill which generated additional unwanted charcoal taste like. For me, I can tolerate moderate taste but not over grill taste. It was a full house evening, thus I didn't have any opportunity to feedback to restaurant manager. 

Giant Sausage

I'm all time favourite on sausage (hey dude, stop extend your imagination! Otherwise I come to whack you straight!). Well, honestly I prefer the German restaurant version. Not to conclude completely not like, maybe I should give another try to differentiate the slightly different taste on probably the giant sausage itself with the accompanying gravy sauce. Why not?

Fish & Chips

Portion is big! I know mostly the fish fillet is made of dory fish fillet. No big different but this meal is served not only a thin-like fillet. It served with two reasonable thick fillet and fresh fries. I'm happy to apply the term - reasonable thick - because normally if I go for this order, definitely I will need to order extra. But this one able to cater my stomach space to eat alone. Fries are fresh and served with real hot (not the re-heat type).


Oh, if you love tartar sauce, make sure you order extra. I can't stop having this sauce to dip the fries. On diet? I don't care. I choose to run another 3 km to burn! Bad example :-P

I love to order a jug of fruit drink, be it an apple juice, orange juice and so on. The price is reasonable. One jug can serve for 4 persons. (not cup-la, it's glass!) Recommend to order this. Kids sure love the drink.

Personally I will re-visit and bring my family there to enjoy a wonderful dinner. It's just I hardly capture all the foods while my little monsters kept on distracting me during the hunting session. Please understand this super-dad :-) Thanks and have a great holiday!

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