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Penang - Nibong Tebal KTM Station - Indian Tosai

Food: Indian Tosai
Type: Halal
Nibong Tebal KTM Station
Price: Less Than RM5.00
Parking Conveniency: Good
Hygiene: Good
Contributor: Mr. Azmi Rahman (15 Feb 2009)
Owner: Mr. Rajan
Contacts: (Mobile) 016 424 5411 / (Shop) 04-593 8522 / (Home) 04-593 8523


From Penang, take PLUS heading south. After Juru toll, just go further. Take Nibong Tebal exit. After the toll, turn left and goes straight until you see big bridge. Right after the bridge, turn left. You will see the KTM Station.

Adventurous moment

It was my friend who captured the photo of Tosai with detailed introduction. Had been a fan of Tosai since my early age. Decided to drive south to Nibong Tebal to hunt for this shop. It was long while I never did this kind of so-called insane plan instantly – I assume the consideration time should be less than 5 minutes.

Drove for 30 minutes started from Seberang Jaya. This route took you for approximately 40km to reach Nibong Tebal exit from PLUS. You can refer to the direction I listed above. From Juru toll to Nibong Tebal exit costs you RM2.80.

Nibong Tebal KTM Station
Nibong Tebal KTM Station

Family business

This shop has been there in Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) station for more than 40 years. Inherited the business from his father, Mr. Rajan still insist to retain this traditional food business. I can see his passion through his eyes. Patient and friendly gave me a total satisfaction to sit there enjoying fresh Tosai. I couldn’t resist having the second piece, mixed with Chadgy, which I still have problem to pronounce it due to my tongue

Mr. Rajan & his daughter - thanks for his permission to snapshot.
Mr. Rajan & his daughter

Using banana leave as plate. Unique!~

Fish curry - another company for Tosai
Fish Curry

The shop - check out the time schedule that set - exactly like old school board using chalk to write.
The Shop


Tosai is freshly made on the spot. Crispy, fresh hot and it carries salty taste – this is totally different taste from the Tosai I ate in Penang Island. Love the taste!

Here's come my B-lunch - starving indeed
Here's come my B-lunch

Yum yum fresh crispy Tosai served

2nd round of Tosai - having problem to resist it...
2nd round of Tosai

According to Mr. Rajan, Chadgy is made of onion, garlic, ginger, curry leaves, spices, coconut milk and either red chilly or green chilly. Chadgy must serve in cold due to coconut milk. Beside that, Chadgy only can last for 6-8 hours due to the Asam. This Asam purposely enhance the taste.


There are two (2) types of Chadgy – you can see the different colour of Chadgy – slightly orange and white. How to differentiate this? The “trick” he shared – Mixed with red chilly will make the Chadgy slightly orange. The white colour is actually mixed with green chilly. If you come by Friday & Sunday – Mr. Rajan will serve the Chadgy (white).

Mr. Rajan insists to have the flour process done it in traditional way – using the stones to process it slowly. This process normally will take 1 – 2 hours to get it done. Nowadays the advanced technology will cause the flour processing over-cooked and this definitely affect the taste later.

Beside KTM railway
KTM station

Heads South

Other than Tosai, you can have a walk near the railway.

and the ticket counter is still ON - not for display purpose only :-P
Ticket Counter

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