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Penang - Tanjung Tokong - The Forum Chinese Cuisine (富臨閣)

Type: Non-Halal
Location: Inside Island Plaza Shopping Complex (3rd Floor)
3rd Floor, Island Plaza, 118, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Contact: 04 899 0088
Operation hour:

11.30am to 3.00pm, 6.30pm to 10.00pm (Monday to Saturday)
9.30am to 3.00pm, 6.30pm to 10.00pm (Sunday & Public Holiday)

Parking convenience:
Hygiene: Good

Direction: Go to Island Plaza. The restaurant is inside the shopping complex.

Unforgettable restaurant
If talking about this restaurant, it was my wedding dinner venue organized at this place before they renovated. Oppsss... I didn't reveal how long I get married (if any single lady wish to find out, send me private message then. Kidding again!). I chose this restaurant for one reason - da food! After the renovation, the environment is completely different - upgrading.

Due to distant problem, I rarely able to have meal in this restaurant. After several years, on and off - I did have chance to have celebration. The food quality is still amazing to me personally. I love the dim sum especially, not to mention about the table dishes order.



Don't you dare to think this is free for you. It's also charged. For most of the restaurant, they will serve you before you start to order anything. Peanut also will temporarily cure your hunger while you plan for your order.

Winter Melon Soup (四宝冬瓜盅) - RM9

Double boiled winter melon soup with crab meat & assorted meat

This is very unique to be served as a wine glass. I kid. It's not wine glass. Special and very tasty. I wonder how long they already steamed the winter melon soup for this. Worth as the soup is exactly like the Chinese, especially Cantonese people always say - enough time to cook or they named it as double boiled. Soup comes with crabmeat and assorted meat to excite your soup drinking experience.

Baked Honey Barbeque Pork Pie (蜜汁叉烧酥) - RM5.80

Baked honey barbeque pork pie

Don't judge on the shape. It's not round but rectangular! When I first saw this order, I immediately fell for this! Honey... I'm not calling you honey. This pie is applied with honey to barbeque, please! Love this indeed!

Steamed Prawns Dumpling (水晶虾饺王) - RM5.80

Steamed prawns dumpling

Always my most favourite! I know I know... you are going to warn me about the cholesterol, right? At least I don't eat this every morning for breakfast. Thus allow me to continue to indulge to make myself exciting. Thank you for your understanding. The thin "coating" (I prefer to call this term) is so thin. The perfect "coating" is when you put this dumpling into your mouth - you can blow the steam out (sorry, not your ears - that one different root cause!), the "coating" will immediately melt in your mouth and you can taste the big prawns with its freshness. Any of dim sum unable to allow you to blow steam sure fail. You know what I meant - not hot enough.

Steamed Pork Dumpling (蟹王蒸烧卖) - RM5.80

Steamed pork dumpling with crab roe

Another one of my favourite order. The crab roe actually beautify the simple presentation and add mark to the taste. Eat while it is hot. Yup do the blow job, ahem - I meant blow the steam out when you eat! Do not think too much, dude!

Fried Rice (脆贝蟹肉炒饭) - RM15

Fried Rice with crabmeat & crispy minced dry scallops

If you ever think this is just a normal fried rice, you are completely wrong. I guarantee you can't stop having 2nd bowl of rice after taste it! It is called fried rice with crabmeat (not artificial one) with crispy minced dry scallops. I threw away my diet plan when I have this. Yup, put aside your rational part... indulge this dish with full emotion :-) I called myself - rice tong. Bingo, you are correct!

Darn! The chinese tea does not work to stop me from 2nd bowl...
Can't resist for 2nd bowl of fried rice!

Shanghai Pancake (豆沙酥窝饼) - RM10

Deep fried Shanghai pancake with black bean paste

It's not the normal pancake you know. This is deep fried Shanghai pancake with red bean paste. Take it and touch your lips, you immediately feel how crispy it is. The black sesame adds little burning taste to enhance your entire dessert experience.

Deep fried Shanghai pancake with black bean paste

Melting hot bean paste actually able to injure your tongue. Better be aware of the temperature. Normally people will order this with hot red bean soup to accompany but I order the opposite temperature - chilling dessert.

Chilled mango cream (香芒冻布丁) - RM4

Chilled mango cream with pamelo & sago pearls

If you scare of hot dessert type - probably you can order this dessert - Chilled mango cream with pamelo and sago pearls. The chilled creamy taste mixing with sweet and sour feeling will refresh yourself from heavy meal. Mango is always considered as the fruit that helps digestion. I always miss its sourness - thinking of this only activate the saliva system from my cheek - over-describing? I don't think so :-)

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