Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Penang - Sungai Ara - Western Cuisine

Type: Halal
Location: Sungai Ara - Springfield - Jumbo Delicious (Western Cuisine)
Contact: 04 644 9233
Operation hour:
1800 - 2300 (for dinner)

Address: 306C-1 (GF), Jalan Dato' Ismail Hashim, Sungai Ara, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang. (After SMK Sungai Ara, directly opposite Pearl Garden)

Parking convenience: Fair
Hygiene: Fair

Family Restaurant


First, I would like to express my gratitude to the restaurant manager after I conveyed my intention to capture the food. Thank you very much on your understanding.

I assume due to past experience, there was some incidents occurred thus there is a sign board stated no photography is allowed.


Had visited several times with family, the environment is friendly and cheerful. On my 3rd or 4th visits, only the foreign waiter mixed up the order which was not a serious issue to cause any unhappy experience. Indicated with the first title - Family restaurant - because there is - firstly - no additional service tax. Secondly, if you bring your kid (below 12-year-old), the kid eats for free.  

My name is Garlic Bun! (not the sliced long stick version)



Don't think this starter should have any bombastic naming. I just called in simpler way - salad will do! Love the big portion and the separate bowl for dressing. You can choose whether you wish to add the possibly thousand island dressing.

Mushroom Soup


Sounds like I intend to shout again - 我爱蘑菇汤 (insane again - I love mushroom soup)

Simply conclude - I come for mushroom soup. In despite of my preference on thick wild mushroom taste, the creamy smooth taste able to bring the tasting bud to the highest level. Ahem, this works for me. Not sure what about your end :-) According to the restaurant manager who shares with me, there is no artificial sweetness nor additional sugar added in. The wild mushroom fragrant indeed making me gone wild to dip the garlic bun (of course it is in bun shape!) to bite.

Chicken chicken chicken!

Of course, not all the different type - I'm attracted by their chicken chop. Portion is big than I expected. The chicken chop served in two version. Of course still fried-lar. Let me finish first! One half portion served with unique thick taste gravy while another half portion served in dry version to give you very contrast stimulation. 

The potato wedge considered good as there is no oily taste like KFC (sorry if you are a fan of KFC!). Taste is good also based on probably the oil they used to fry. 

Well, on my last visit before this post. I did try out the grill chicken (apologize, I didn't bring any camera, too busy on both eating and babysitting little monster). The grill chicken was a bit over-grill which generated additional unwanted charcoal taste like. For me, I can tolerate moderate taste but not over grill taste. It was a full house evening, thus I didn't have any opportunity to feedback to restaurant manager. 

Giant Sausage

I'm all time favourite on sausage (hey dude, stop extend your imagination! Otherwise I come to whack you straight!). Well, honestly I prefer the German restaurant version. Not to conclude completely not like, maybe I should give another try to differentiate the slightly different taste on probably the giant sausage itself with the accompanying gravy sauce. Why not?

Fish & Chips

Portion is big! I know mostly the fish fillet is made of dory fish fillet. No big different but this meal is served not only a thin-like fillet. It served with two reasonable thick fillet and fresh fries. I'm happy to apply the term - reasonable thick - because normally if I go for this order, definitely I will need to order extra. But this one able to cater my stomach space to eat alone. Fries are fresh and served with real hot (not the re-heat type).


Oh, if you love tartar sauce, make sure you order extra. I can't stop having this sauce to dip the fries. On diet? I don't care. I choose to run another 3 km to burn! Bad example :-P

I love to order a jug of fruit drink, be it an apple juice, orange juice and so on. The price is reasonable. One jug can serve for 4 persons. (not cup-la, it's glass!) Recommend to order this. Kids sure love the drink.

Personally I will re-visit and bring my family there to enjoy a wonderful dinner. It's just I hardly capture all the foods while my little monsters kept on distracting me during the hunting session. Please understand this super-dad :-) Thanks and have a great holiday!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Penang - Pulau Tikus - Wan Tan Mee

Type: Non-Halal
Location: Pulau Tikus - Moulmein Close - Swee Kong Coffee Shop
Contact: 017 479 8075 (Ah Chee)
Operation hour:
0730 - 1500 (close at Thursday)

Price: RM3.00 (Small) | RM3.80 (Medium) | RM4.60 (Large)

Parking convenience: Bad (follow the Moulmein close and you will find a parking field at your 10-O-clock direction)

Hygiene: Fair


Follow Burma road when you exit from Perak road. You will pass by the Sokka Gakkai Malaysia (on your right). Further drive, you will see the Golden Eagle Kopitiam (on your right) and the Shell station (on your left). Go on, I haven't finished yet. Pass by the ESSO and Lancia Auto Enterprise (both on your right). Further down little, normally you will start to drive slow due to the traffic light in front jammed.

You will notice a shoplot on your left now. Pay attention, after the shoplots, Moulmein close (not road or street, I have no idea, please don't ask me) and you will see the coffee shop in front of Moulmein close.

Swee Kong Coffee Shop

Patient and gentleman "Taokeh"

Ah Chee

There are two things that impressed me deeply from this stall. First, the stall owner is very patient and gentleman boss. I remembered there was one time, his partner unable to come, only left him and the Indonesian lady worker who was unfamiliar with the process. I waited for 45 minutes and immediately made a complaint what took so long while for only a plate of wantan noodle.

Hanging high the noodles

He felt sorry by explaining man power shortage and he never stopped his hands to prepare those orders. With empathy, I volunteered myself not to let the worker to deliver for me, I can stand there to get my plate :-P I guess I was too hungry.


Taking order
Taking order

The lady worker made a lot of mix up mistake and the owner still able to explain patiently. This is the first time I didn't see boss scold his worker like mad. The whole environment already stressed up due to huge order waiting list and customers surrounding the stall.

Fried dumpling (wantan)
2nd impression is its fried dumpling. For health purpose, I rarely eat fried dumpling. I found out most of the wantan noodle stall fried the dumpling, either less meat or totally tasteless. This stall actually changed my impression. You can taste the meat when you bite. It's not tasteless. It's delicious. I think the stall owner really add ingredient and heart to fry the dumpling. So far, I can say this is the best for me. (If you find any better one, shoot me with comment please!)

Sorry, the moment I snapshot, just realized the fried dumpling finished by me straight away. Don't complaint me please. :-S
Wantan Noodles

The taste is not heavy on lark oil, after the char siew and dark soya oil mixed with the noodles, there's another sauce with mushroom cut added to finalize the whole process.

Ask for green chilly. Eat with green chilly - you will bite the little spicy with vinegar taste to mix with noodle to satisfy your hunger desire. Of course, here we temporarily leave out the sambal.

Full house most of the time during morning
Full house

Remember to stay patient to tell Ah Chee if your order takes too long while to wait. :-)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Penang - Tanjung Tokong - The Forum Chinese Cuisine (富臨閣)

Type: Non-Halal
Location: Inside Island Plaza Shopping Complex (3rd Floor)
3rd Floor, Island Plaza, 118, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Contact: 04 899 0088
Operation hour:

11.30am to 3.00pm, 6.30pm to 10.00pm (Monday to Saturday)
9.30am to 3.00pm, 6.30pm to 10.00pm (Sunday & Public Holiday)

Parking convenience:
Hygiene: Good

Direction: Go to Island Plaza. The restaurant is inside the shopping complex.

Unforgettable restaurant
If talking about this restaurant, it was my wedding dinner venue organized at this place before they renovated. Oppsss... I didn't reveal how long I get married (if any single lady wish to find out, send me private message then. Kidding again!). I chose this restaurant for one reason - da food! After the renovation, the environment is completely different - upgrading.

Due to distant problem, I rarely able to have meal in this restaurant. After several years, on and off - I did have chance to have celebration. The food quality is still amazing to me personally. I love the dim sum especially, not to mention about the table dishes order.



Don't you dare to think this is free for you. It's also charged. For most of the restaurant, they will serve you before you start to order anything. Peanut also will temporarily cure your hunger while you plan for your order.

Winter Melon Soup (四宝冬瓜盅) - RM9

Double boiled winter melon soup with crab meat & assorted meat

This is very unique to be served as a wine glass. I kid. It's not wine glass. Special and very tasty. I wonder how long they already steamed the winter melon soup for this. Worth as the soup is exactly like the Chinese, especially Cantonese people always say - enough time to cook or they named it as double boiled. Soup comes with crabmeat and assorted meat to excite your soup drinking experience.

Baked Honey Barbeque Pork Pie (蜜汁叉烧酥) - RM5.80

Baked honey barbeque pork pie

Don't judge on the shape. It's not round but rectangular! When I first saw this order, I immediately fell for this! Honey... I'm not calling you honey. This pie is applied with honey to barbeque, please! Love this indeed!

Steamed Prawns Dumpling (水晶虾饺王) - RM5.80

Steamed prawns dumpling

Always my most favourite! I know I know... you are going to warn me about the cholesterol, right? At least I don't eat this every morning for breakfast. Thus allow me to continue to indulge to make myself exciting. Thank you for your understanding. The thin "coating" (I prefer to call this term) is so thin. The perfect "coating" is when you put this dumpling into your mouth - you can blow the steam out (sorry, not your ears - that one different root cause!), the "coating" will immediately melt in your mouth and you can taste the big prawns with its freshness. Any of dim sum unable to allow you to blow steam sure fail. You know what I meant - not hot enough.

Steamed Pork Dumpling (蟹王蒸烧卖) - RM5.80

Steamed pork dumpling with crab roe

Another one of my favourite order. The crab roe actually beautify the simple presentation and add mark to the taste. Eat while it is hot. Yup do the blow job, ahem - I meant blow the steam out when you eat! Do not think too much, dude!

Fried Rice (脆贝蟹肉炒饭) - RM15

Fried Rice with crabmeat & crispy minced dry scallops

If you ever think this is just a normal fried rice, you are completely wrong. I guarantee you can't stop having 2nd bowl of rice after taste it! It is called fried rice with crabmeat (not artificial one) with crispy minced dry scallops. I threw away my diet plan when I have this. Yup, put aside your rational part... indulge this dish with full emotion :-) I called myself - rice tong. Bingo, you are correct!

Darn! The chinese tea does not work to stop me from 2nd bowl...
Can't resist for 2nd bowl of fried rice!

Shanghai Pancake (豆沙酥窝饼) - RM10

Deep fried Shanghai pancake with black bean paste

It's not the normal pancake you know. This is deep fried Shanghai pancake with red bean paste. Take it and touch your lips, you immediately feel how crispy it is. The black sesame adds little burning taste to enhance your entire dessert experience.

Deep fried Shanghai pancake with black bean paste

Melting hot bean paste actually able to injure your tongue. Better be aware of the temperature. Normally people will order this with hot red bean soup to accompany but I order the opposite temperature - chilling dessert.

Chilled mango cream (香芒冻布丁) - RM4

Chilled mango cream with pamelo & sago pearls

If you scare of hot dessert type - probably you can order this dessert - Chilled mango cream with pamelo and sago pearls. The chilled creamy taste mixing with sweet and sour feeling will refresh yourself from heavy meal. Mango is always considered as the fruit that helps digestion. I always miss its sourness - thinking of this only activate the saliva system from my cheek - over-describing? I don't think so :-)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Penang - Jalan Tengah - Soya Bean drink

Drink: Soya Bean
Type: Halal
Location: Jalan Tengah, Bayan Baru
Price: RM0.90 RM1.00 / RM1.20 (pack) *updated at 2nd Sept 2010

Stall Owner: Mr. Bean (He prefers people to call him - refuse to provide contact details)
Stall Operation: Noon time (He concluded when you see him around - that meant he is in business. *sweating*)

Parking convenience: Fair (this depends on residential parking space available - one warning - small drain do not cover up - you may aware with tire gone into small drain accidentally – too bad, I had this bad experience)
Hygiene: Fair

Hidden within

If you are coming from Penang International Airport, right after the famous snake temple, take left turn, then drive for 20-30 meters distant, turn left into residential area. Further down to T-junction, right turn, then left turn and search for parking space.

The motor-bike stall is near the Roti Canai in my previous post.

In the beginning, I reluctant to write this stall as I received the owner's very lansi-look defensive stance on sharing out any single contact or name or even the basic background of he started the business. Eventually I realize I'm just human.

The purpose of this blog is to provide the reader:

  • another option to try out but not in biased mode
  • to promote food / drink its uniqueness if possible
  • not to re-use the contact for any information selling (I don't gain anything tangible personally, this is part of my hunting, capturing, and writing passion. If you wish to hire me, then different story :-P)
  • I'm not THE income tax officer (underground) to audit, ok! (Do I look like FBI / CIA agent?, check out my handsome face again please)
Enough craps to explain! Let's get into business!

Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean & Mrs Bean?
Mr. & Mrs Bean?

The owner refuse to provide real name (which I don't mind). He is very defensive to reveal any real contact at all, thus I can't help to know any single details nor any background at all. Sorry if any of you read this post and know the background, please leave your comment or drop me a message to share.

In action

This Mr. Bean is riding a modified motor-bike to sell soya bean drink and soya bean "tofu".

Mr. Bean sell in Motorbike ???

The Drink
The attraction of this stall is the soya bean drink mixed with Chinese black jelly (in Cantonese - "Leong Fun"). "Leong Fun" enables to cool your body heat. You can either choose pure soya bean drink or a mixed one. Personally I prefer mixed one with brown sugar rather white sugar added. The fragrant of dark sugar brings little bit of burning taste, probably this is my wrong description in words. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

My favourite drink

Mass Order Preparation
Mass order preparation

Ice storage
The way of ice storage

Soya Bean "Tofu"
I used "tofu" because I love tofu as well. In Chinese - 豆腐花. The smooth feeling of having it pass through your mouth. The white sugar or dark sugar adds the sensation of having this special "tofu" as desert. Of course, it serves in hot. Leaving it to cool down will reduce the "tofu" quality. You must eat in hot to enjoy the freshness. Don't play play :-P

Soya Bean "Tofu" aka 豆腐花

After lunch, you can have a cold drink of soya bean mixed with "leong fun" or a bowl of "tofu" to complete your mission. Thicker taste and fullness - in conclusion. Enjoy your nap afterward, excuse me? :-P

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Penang - Padang Kota Lama - Western Food (Hainan style)

Type: Non-Halal
Location: Beside Fort Cornwallis (Explanade or Padang Kota Lama)
Price: depending on order

Contact: Lim - 016 475 9942
Stall Operation: Noon hour (Need help, anyone able to get the specific schedule, please share with me)

Parking convenience:
Good (there is a big parking space beside the local food court)

Hygiene: Fair (Just watch out sometimes the crows will stop by above your head, watch out "boom")


If you come from Jetty direction, take 12-o-clock direction at the roundabout where you can see the clock tower as well. Another 10-15 meters distant, check out the turn right opportunity - you are ready to enter the car park beside the famous Fort Cornwallis.

If you come from High Court direction, the green field is on your left. After the green field - please get ready to turn left, the car park is on your left. Before you near the car park entrance, you can see the food court is on your left as well.

Rush Hour

First time - I can't even talk to the owner. Rejection. They are not ego nor anything negatively attitude. They are just too busy to talk. The order preparation is rush during noon time. I can't even "near" them. Only let the picture do the talk little. Apologize on the reader who tries best to dig out further. Anyway,
the stall is actually located almost exactly opposite the Mee Sotong I wrote in previous post.

Hainan style - Western Food

The Chefs
Behind the scene

Hainan Style
My first taste on their foods was western food - both chicken chop and fish & chips. In fact, they are also preparing hainan noodles which also taste good and recommended. Chicken chop is very crispy and the fries are fresh. This is very important. If the fries is not fresh, the chef may leave the fries in open air for some while. You can notice the owner will not one shot fry the whole packet of fries to get-ready-stock.

Frying in action

Noon time to get there, I suggest personally to the reader to reach there before 1200. This will allow you to get a strategic place (not under the "tiang" where the bird drop the "souvenir" while you have nice lunch). Another enjoyment is you can observe how every stall actually prepare for the lunch crowd at the same time. Not very sure whether you have that kind of specific preference to observe. I bet you will enjoy the moment.

I'm ready
Getting ready for crowds' orders

Chicken Chop
Chicken Chop - Hainan style

For fish & chips, the special part is I love the most on tartar sauce and you can refill :-) The fish & chips bath with the squeezed lime juice (if you can get more than half cut and you love sour taste) will rock your taste bud when you mix with the tartar sauce. Tartar sauce may look plain but i just love the combined tastes. Thinking of this always make me swallow the saliva. Visualize little please!

Fish & Chips
Fish & Chips

Tartar Sauce
Lovely tartar sauce

Lime Juice
Lime juice that cool you off. Remember to order two glasses of this drink!

If you have time, I recommend you to try out the Hainan style noodles. It may look like Hor Kian Char (Hokkien dialect), the taste is completely different from the dark soya sauce you had in mind. Hainan style noodles will ensure you finish the rest of the noodles in plate. Mind me to leave some space of writing in my next post on next visit? I'm sure you will say YES. Thank you very much on your kind understanding :-)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Penang - Batu Maung - Hokkien Mee

Type: Non-Halal
Location: Batu Maung

Price: RM2.20 (Small) | RM2.50 (Medium) | RM2.80 (Big), extra order depends on the price charge

Stall Operation: 0645 - 1400 (wet market)
Contact: 012 494 3551 / 016 473 9819

Parking convenience:
Fair (suggest you to be there at 1100-1130; otherwise you hardly find a parking place after 1200)
Hygiene: Fair (for me, I'm already used to the environment inside wet market)

Any one who works in FTZ area will know Batu Maung area, especially near the primary school, there are many shops offering lunch.

From Hilir Sg Kluang Satu, turn to Lintang Bayan Lepas 3, go all the way straight until almost reach Pentamaster on your left, turn right into Lintang Bayan Lepas 6. Go straight until T-junction. Turn left and follow the road (you will cross very small bridge) till you meet another T-junction in front of you (Jalan Baru Batu Maung). Turn left and drive straight until you see a primary school on your left. The stall is beside the road of Tingkat Batu Maung. The location is exactly same with my previous post on Batu Maung Char Kuey Teow.

More prawn fragrant


Busy operation
Busy operation

Auntie still camera shy...

Another 20 years veteran of cooking Hokkien mee. My personal preference is more on prawn fragrant. I almost will visit this stall within a week or two weeks. Kinda addicted :-) I know I will control the possible high cholesterol. Thanks for your inner mumbling and kind intention :-)

Maggi noodles option, but I still prefer the yellow noodles taste better :-)
Maggi noodles option (from Soh PJ)

Hokkien Mee

We are indeed serious!
Master Soh in action
Soh PJ (Master Soh)

Rob in action

In fact, few months ago, I informed auntie (the stall owner) - I will bring camera to hunt photos. I think she thought - this fellow must be kidding. Ended up I brought another two "kaki" to enjoy the hunting moment - Rob & PJ. Three of "tam-chiak" fellas brought out our arsenal to capture like mad on food porn :-P

Wet market environment
Batu Maung wet market (from Soh PJ)

Addictive or mad?
Addictive = mad?

For the soup base, you can check out the differences in between prawn fragrant and meat fragrant. I personally prefer more prawn fragrant because when they cook the soup base, they won't throw everything into the soup to cook, even after the soup base already cooked, they don't put the extra material into the soup to enhance the sweetness.

Who is this? Intruder!!!
Who is this?

You can also learn up to observe and taste the differences. If meat fragrant, check out the possible extra order like meat ball, "fan-cheong" and etc will cook as well. I managed to get this insider information because I have one sifu explained the tricks on cooking :-) Share the trick here? No way :-P I prefer face-to-face sharing :-)

Oh not wrong channel to post this picture - you can get it from the kopitiam taukeh. Nasi lemak also tempting over there :-P
Nasi Lemak (from another stall)

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