Thursday, July 1, 2010

Penang - Pulau Tikus - Wan Tan Mee

Type: Non-Halal
Location: Pulau Tikus - Moulmein Close - Swee Kong Coffee Shop
Contact: 017 479 8075 (Ah Chee)
Operation hour:
0730 - 1500 (close at Thursday)

Price: RM3.00 (Small) | RM3.80 (Medium) | RM4.60 (Large)

Parking convenience: Bad (follow the Moulmein close and you will find a parking field at your 10-O-clock direction)

Hygiene: Fair


Follow Burma road when you exit from Perak road. You will pass by the Sokka Gakkai Malaysia (on your right). Further drive, you will see the Golden Eagle Kopitiam (on your right) and the Shell station (on your left). Go on, I haven't finished yet. Pass by the ESSO and Lancia Auto Enterprise (both on your right). Further down little, normally you will start to drive slow due to the traffic light in front jammed.

You will notice a shoplot on your left now. Pay attention, after the shoplots, Moulmein close (not road or street, I have no idea, please don't ask me) and you will see the coffee shop in front of Moulmein close.

Swee Kong Coffee Shop

Patient and gentleman "Taokeh"

Ah Chee

There are two things that impressed me deeply from this stall. First, the stall owner is very patient and gentleman boss. I remembered there was one time, his partner unable to come, only left him and the Indonesian lady worker who was unfamiliar with the process. I waited for 45 minutes and immediately made a complaint what took so long while for only a plate of wantan noodle.

Hanging high the noodles

He felt sorry by explaining man power shortage and he never stopped his hands to prepare those orders. With empathy, I volunteered myself not to let the worker to deliver for me, I can stand there to get my plate :-P I guess I was too hungry.


Taking order
Taking order

The lady worker made a lot of mix up mistake and the owner still able to explain patiently. This is the first time I didn't see boss scold his worker like mad. The whole environment already stressed up due to huge order waiting list and customers surrounding the stall.

Fried dumpling (wantan)
2nd impression is its fried dumpling. For health purpose, I rarely eat fried dumpling. I found out most of the wantan noodle stall fried the dumpling, either less meat or totally tasteless. This stall actually changed my impression. You can taste the meat when you bite. It's not tasteless. It's delicious. I think the stall owner really add ingredient and heart to fry the dumpling. So far, I can say this is the best for me. (If you find any better one, shoot me with comment please!)

Sorry, the moment I snapshot, just realized the fried dumpling finished by me straight away. Don't complaint me please. :-S
Wantan Noodles

The taste is not heavy on lark oil, after the char siew and dark soya oil mixed with the noodles, there's another sauce with mushroom cut added to finalize the whole process.

Ask for green chilly. Eat with green chilly - you will bite the little spicy with vinegar taste to mix with noodle to satisfy your hunger desire. Of course, here we temporarily leave out the sambal.

Full house most of the time during morning
Full house

Remember to stay patient to tell Ah Chee if your order takes too long while to wait. :-)


  1. Bring me there if we have chance to meet for lunch next time. I am "wan tan mee" fans!

  2. Yup - same to me beside I love hokkien mee :-) hahahaha... I just had this last week :-) probably you can fetch me there again :-P


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