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Penang - Jalan Tengah - Soya Bean drink

Drink: Soya Bean
Type: Halal
Location: Jalan Tengah, Bayan Baru
Price: RM0.90 RM1.00 / RM1.20 (pack) *updated at 2nd Sept 2010

Stall Owner: Mr. Bean (He prefers people to call him - refuse to provide contact details)
Stall Operation: Noon time (He concluded when you see him around - that meant he is in business. *sweating*)

Parking convenience: Fair (this depends on residential parking space available - one warning - small drain do not cover up - you may aware with tire gone into small drain accidentally – too bad, I had this bad experience)
Hygiene: Fair

Hidden within

If you are coming from Penang International Airport, right after the famous snake temple, take left turn, then drive for 20-30 meters distant, turn left into residential area. Further down to T-junction, right turn, then left turn and search for parking space.

The motor-bike stall is near the Roti Canai in my previous post.

In the beginning, I reluctant to write this stall as I received the owner's very lansi-look defensive stance on sharing out any single contact or name or even the basic background of he started the business. Eventually I realize I'm just human.

The purpose of this blog is to provide the reader:

  • another option to try out but not in biased mode
  • to promote food / drink its uniqueness if possible
  • not to re-use the contact for any information selling (I don't gain anything tangible personally, this is part of my hunting, capturing, and writing passion. If you wish to hire me, then different story :-P)
  • I'm not THE income tax officer (underground) to audit, ok! (Do I look like FBI / CIA agent?, check out my handsome face again please)
Enough craps to explain! Let's get into business!

Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean & Mrs Bean?
Mr. & Mrs Bean?

The owner refuse to provide real name (which I don't mind). He is very defensive to reveal any real contact at all, thus I can't help to know any single details nor any background at all. Sorry if any of you read this post and know the background, please leave your comment or drop me a message to share.

In action

This Mr. Bean is riding a modified motor-bike to sell soya bean drink and soya bean "tofu".

Mr. Bean sell in Motorbike ???

The Drink
The attraction of this stall is the soya bean drink mixed with Chinese black jelly (in Cantonese - "Leong Fun"). "Leong Fun" enables to cool your body heat. You can either choose pure soya bean drink or a mixed one. Personally I prefer mixed one with brown sugar rather white sugar added. The fragrant of dark sugar brings little bit of burning taste, probably this is my wrong description in words. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

My favourite drink

Mass Order Preparation
Mass order preparation

Ice storage
The way of ice storage

Soya Bean "Tofu"
I used "tofu" because I love tofu as well. In Chinese - 豆腐花. The smooth feeling of having it pass through your mouth. The white sugar or dark sugar adds the sensation of having this special "tofu" as desert. Of course, it serves in hot. Leaving it to cool down will reduce the "tofu" quality. You must eat in hot to enjoy the freshness. Don't play play :-P

Soya Bean "Tofu" aka 豆腐花

After lunch, you can have a cold drink of soya bean mixed with "leong fun" or a bowl of "tofu" to complete your mission. Thicker taste and fullness - in conclusion. Enjoy your nap afterward, excuse me? :-P


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