Sunday, March 28, 2010

Penang - Batu Maung - Hokkien Mee

Type: Non-Halal
Location: Batu Maung

Price: RM2.20 (Small) | RM2.50 (Medium) | RM2.80 (Big), extra order depends on the price charge

Stall Operation: 0645 - 1400 (wet market)
Contact: 012 494 3551 / 016 473 9819

Parking convenience:
Fair (suggest you to be there at 1100-1130; otherwise you hardly find a parking place after 1200)
Hygiene: Fair (for me, I'm already used to the environment inside wet market)

Any one who works in FTZ area will know Batu Maung area, especially near the primary school, there are many shops offering lunch.

From Hilir Sg Kluang Satu, turn to Lintang Bayan Lepas 3, go all the way straight until almost reach Pentamaster on your left, turn right into Lintang Bayan Lepas 6. Go straight until T-junction. Turn left and follow the road (you will cross very small bridge) till you meet another T-junction in front of you (Jalan Baru Batu Maung). Turn left and drive straight until you see a primary school on your left. The stall is beside the road of Tingkat Batu Maung. The location is exactly same with my previous post on Batu Maung Char Kuey Teow.

More prawn fragrant


Busy operation
Busy operation

Auntie still camera shy...

Another 20 years veteran of cooking Hokkien mee. My personal preference is more on prawn fragrant. I almost will visit this stall within a week or two weeks. Kinda addicted :-) I know I will control the possible high cholesterol. Thanks for your inner mumbling and kind intention :-)

Maggi noodles option, but I still prefer the yellow noodles taste better :-)
Maggi noodles option (from Soh PJ)

Hokkien Mee

We are indeed serious!
Master Soh in action
Soh PJ (Master Soh)

Rob in action

In fact, few months ago, I informed auntie (the stall owner) - I will bring camera to hunt photos. I think she thought - this fellow must be kidding. Ended up I brought another two "kaki" to enjoy the hunting moment - Rob & PJ. Three of "tam-chiak" fellas brought out our arsenal to capture like mad on food porn :-P

Wet market environment
Batu Maung wet market (from Soh PJ)

Addictive or mad?
Addictive = mad?

For the soup base, you can check out the differences in between prawn fragrant and meat fragrant. I personally prefer more prawn fragrant because when they cook the soup base, they won't throw everything into the soup to cook, even after the soup base already cooked, they don't put the extra material into the soup to enhance the sweetness.

Who is this? Intruder!!!
Who is this?

You can also learn up to observe and taste the differences. If meat fragrant, check out the possible extra order like meat ball, "fan-cheong" and etc will cook as well. I managed to get this insider information because I have one sifu explained the tricks on cooking :-) Share the trick here? No way :-P I prefer face-to-face sharing :-)

Oh not wrong channel to post this picture - you can get it from the kopitiam taukeh. Nasi lemak also tempting over there :-P
Nasi Lemak (from another stall)


  1. try not to drink the soup until rock bottom. It is node made like it used to.

  2. hahaha... Jason, I can't help this :-P Not sure other lor :-)

  3. Cheryl - you stay nearby? :-) Once in a week, i will visit this stall to cure my addiction :-P


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