Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Penang - Padang Kota Lama - Mee Sotong

Type: Halal
Location: Beside Fort Cornwallis (Explanade or Padang Kota Lama)
Price: Small - RM3.50 | Big - RM5.00 (price added depending on order)

Contact: Mr Shahrulhameed Syed Muhamed - 013 431 9384
Stall Operation: 1200 - 1500 (Monday to Saturday)

Parking convenience:
Good (there is a big parking space beside the local food court)

Hygiene: Fair (Just watch out sometimes the crows will stop by above your head, watch out "boom")


If you come from Jetty direction, take 12-o-clock direction at the roundabout where you can see the clock tower as well. Another 10-15 meters distant, check out the turn right opportunity - you are ready to enter the car park beside the famous Fort Cornwallis.

If you come from High Court direction, the green field is on your left. After the green field - please get ready to turn left, the car park is on your left. Before you near the car park entrance, you can see the food court is on your left as well.

When entering the food court, I only see crowds. I don't even have a chance to talk to the owner. Only able to get near the stall and make my order with hand signal plus little instruction. The worker and owner are so busy not able to look at you in their eyes for about 5 seconds.

I sat down and slowly took out my camera to get ready to capture them.

Patient is the key

There is no camera shy or even they give me some oh-ho expression. Probably I assume they just get used with food blogger or reporters. From the cut-out-articles stick on his stall, I immediately know the reason.

Written Word-of-Mouth

When I stand up and get near to the stall, trying to avoid to irritate their working flows, I'm surprised by the preparation of each plate of "Mee Sotong"!

Q-ing... ready to serve

Special Squid "Sambal"

Ever make you sweat?

Anyone who try out this squid "sambal", I can guarantee you will come back to enjoy the sensation of spiciness! The "sambal" is unique. I tested out to add spicy during order. Ended up I finished up 3 glasses of cool waters! After the sensation, my sweating system was out of control. Even my tear also came out. Imagine this! No bluff.

In fact, there are many "mamak" stall in Penang island itself. This "mee sotong" is indeed unique. I'm sure this aligns with the owner wish to outstand others rather than the usual taste. Of course, the sweet squid "sambal" is his family secret ingredient to make it special.

The Art of Cooking

The fried yellow noodles just match perfectly with the special sauce. Looks very tempting and taste very "fiercely" after you enjoy the moment :-)

Dancing with yellow noodles

The uniqueness of this special "sambal" - first taste, you enjoy the sweetness. Then you will feel your rear head is "ticked" like bell ringing - ting ting ting... Then the hot and spicy feeling come gradually until maximum at last. (thus watch out yourself opening mouth wide wide and use your palm to wave-cool-down the spiciness)

Killing me hardly --> the "Sambal" sauce... arggghhhhh...
Adding the main ingredient

Having this meal occasionally will stimulate you and teach you what the hot and spicy feeling meant! After the roller-coaster feeling, ensure you drink much water. If you have problem on taking spicy food, I suggest you stop reading this. Anyway, it's the end of writing :-P

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