Sunday, July 5, 2009

Penang - Pulau Tikus - Relax Coffee Corner

Food: Mixture of Malay dessert, pack rice and others.
Type: Halal
Location: Pulau Tikus
Price: Depends on what you order.

Stall Name:
Relax Coffee Corner (Jones Road)
Stall Owner: Pak Mat (Baa)
Contact: 016 435 6684
Shop Operation: 0700 - 2100 (Morning until evening will sell different foods, well I never scout that area during night time, only tea break session I visited several times)

Parking convenience: Bad
Hygiene: Fair (BAD when cars stopped beside you)

If you come from town, take Kelawi Road and go to the Gurney Plaza direction. The stall is located exactly beside the T-junction in between Kelawi Road and Jones Road. It is beside the residential building in yellow colour. If you see a group of people sitting under the big umbrella, there it is.

The Place

Too Busy
Didn't have much time to talk to the employees of this stall. Too crowded and they are too busy to clear tables and serve customers. The boss was not there, only come at specific hours. Every employee call "Baa" to his boss - just like father. I haven't had a chance to meet this stall owner. Owner only will drop by stall during 0700-0900 and 1400-1530. The moment I visited the stall, he was not there as well.

Self Service - don't expect someone to serve you to pick up the snacks. Have yourself served :-)
Self Service

Several snacks for you to choose. Headache, huh? :-)
Which packed rice you preferred?

You may have difficulty to finalize your available options!

Do you love this?
Do you love this?

Perfect Place for Tea Time

Happy customer to enjoy tea time
Happy Customer

In despite of the long hour opening, if you were to ask me the best tea time location, I would say this personally, thus very subjective. I love the local stall, local Malay kuih and just a cup of thick coffee. Perfect enjoyment for a short period of tea break.

This is my tea time. I said this is indulgence!
My tea time :-P Heavy? I said indulgence!

My favourite shrimp cake
Shrimp Cake, my favourite!

Indian Snacks
Indian Snack

Follow Office Time
This stall is exactly following office operation schedule. Saturday and Sunday off. Public holiday also off. The only opening hour is during office hour.


  1. heard my ex-colleague told me abt this place...but never got a chance to try....teatime...?? not everybody can enjoy it ya!?anyway, the shrimp cake looks yummy!

  2. simplegirl - in fact, morning they start the business. Only after 1300, the snacks will be added more. Drop by this stall after 1400. The shrimp cake is perfectly yummy. Eats with their unique sour chilly sauce. I can sapu 3 if I don't take other snacks or nasi lemak :-P

  3. the nasi lemak looks good! But super sien la.. off on weekend and public holidays!

  4. Allie - I strongly agree with you. I managed to come to know this place due to my previous colleague brought me there for tea time. Since then, it was very difficult for me to re-visit the stall until this round hunting :-) If you manage to take AL, you can consider to drop by :-)

  5. This place is always packed. Do check out the Malay rice stall directly opposite.

  6. CK - agreed. Everytime goes there realy packed. Thanks for the information sharing. I will check out the Malay rice stall at opposite direction :-)

  7. Look delicious and tasty. Will try if I go there.

  8. Master Lee, try to go there during office hour if and only if passes by. They won't open during Saturday, Sunday and public holiday :-)


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