Thursday, August 20, 2009

Penang - Lebuh Queen - Wantan Noodles

Type: Non-Halal
Location: Lebuh Queen / Queen Street
Price: Small (RM2.50) | Medium (RM3.00) | Big (RM3.30)
Sui Kow (RM1.30 for two)

Stall Owner: Mr. Yam Weng Kheong 任永强 (PJK)
Stall Name: One Tonne Mee
Contact: 016 492 5832

Stall Operation: 0700 - 1330

Parking convenience:
Hygiene: Good

If you comes from Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, try to check out the landmark - Goddess of Mercy Temple (观音庙). Turn to China Street, about 10 meter distant, turn right to Queen Street, you will see the stall just beside your left hand side. Don't day-dream, check out the available space on your right to park your car then! :-P

Funny Shop Name

Almost retired

Feeling heavy with the name?

Those old fans who followed this stall definitely knew Mr. Yam moved from opposite to this coffee shop about 5 years ago. I personally feel the coffee shop name is a bit funny- Peace and Joy Coffee Shop if you forget to lift your head to check out.

16 years of specializing in wantan noodles, Mrs. Yam informed me that they decided to retire soon which suprised me. I insist them to go on, thus I post this writing... sounds like I'm quite bad in another way.

Fried Wantan



One Tonne Mee

Bathing Noodles
Normally noodles will bath with boiling water and rinse for a while, then go through cold water to enhance its springy-ness.
Bathing Noodles

No fancy taste

Wantan noodles normally dance with pork oil, dark & light soya sauce which bring a mixture of taste to stimulate your taste buds. No fancy taste but original. I personally prefer original.

Sauces and Ingredients

Roasted pork sliced beautifully - dark soya sauce rinsed without artificial red colour which does not suit my preference. When you eat the roasted pork, you able to feel the thick sauce flow in your lung! I'm not kidding, seriously.

Freshly made Sui Kow
I particularly like their fresh Sui Kow (dumplings) made of a mixture shrimp and minced pork. The skin is very thin and you feel solid content when the Sui Kow enters your mouth.

I will include the Sui Kow portrait in my next visit. Sorry I was in hurry to rush for my breakfast to take care of my wife after the new born delivered.

Go there earlier and enjoy a hot soup of Sui Kow accompanying cool morning weather, this is an excellent moment to fulfill your stomach desire :-)

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