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Penang - Balik Pulau - Asam Laksa

Food: Asam Laksa
Type: Non-Halal
Location: Balik Pulau
Price: RM2.50 (small) | RM3.00 (big)

Stall Owner: Kim Laksa - Mr. John (012 428 6235)
Address: 67, Main Road, 11000 Balik Pulau, Penang
Stall Operation: 1100 - 1700 (Closed on Wednesday except on public holiday)

Direction: -
Strong recommendation - You hardly get lost direction if you take the Paya Terubong and Relau junctions. You just follow the road and it will lead you to the Kopitiam (coffee shop) pretty straight forward. The Kopitiam is exactly facing the T-junction.

The reason why I don't recommend you take the route from Batu Ferringi, main reason is the road is in zig-zag. This prevents you from severe car-sick. So far, the wider road and more straight way are built in progress. Personally I have no idea when it will be done. Unless you head to Batu Feringgi to hunt something interesting, then I won't treat you like a fool to come back to Relau via Jelutong Expressway. At least me and you are not that dumb until unaccepted level :-P

Laksa Stall


Mr. John

Mr. John

Surprisingly when I checked with John, he is not the original owner. His sifu is that Aunty passed down this Laksa secret ingredients and cooking methods to him. I had short schedule to find out the details. Please forgive me. Reason - I was become part-time tourist guide cum driver (free to eat and free to test drive new MPV Cherry Eastar, I was damn happy indeed though only slept for 3 hours after night shift!!!) Ok ok, stop your intention to shoot me for not digging out the details. I promise to re-visit there to find out other traditional foods for compensation.

Asam Laksa

Asam Laksa

Advise to those people have gastric - please do not try this stunt. The Laksa taste sour and darn good. I love the soup base with lots of fish meat. The springy Laksa noodle taste and feel perfectly with crunchy sliced cucumbers and raw chopped onions. It's a stimulating meal that probably make you sweat enough with added red chilly or the extreme one - chilly paddy (cabai burung in Malay).

Asam Laksa

If you love the strong combined smell of raw onions, fish meat, mint leaves and dark prawn paste, you find the joy of having Laksa. According to doctor, onion able to kill virus. But according to me, you better beware of farting after eating so many raw onion. I bet you loose if you wish to challenge me this! I'm sorry? I didn't say I fart ok! :-P

Superb Drink

Fresh Nutmeg juice with plum

You must try out the Penang famous freshly nutmeg drink with plum. It's totally different from what you may try or had tried before in maroon-coloured or brown Nutmeg extracted juice. The latter one is sweeter taste. This one is freshly blended nutmeg - in white colour juice with tangy taste.

Clock Ticks Slower

Other than interesting foods, I suggest you can walk around if possible. Find the time ticks slower when you are in Balik Pulau. Good place to hang around if you have time. Kampung (village) environment. Walk around lar, probably you will have surprise on food hunting, who knows. Yeah, I'm talking to myself again. Have great day then :-)


  1. Good choice! My Japanese friend who will come to Penang every 6 months will not miss stopping by this stall for both lemak laksa and assam laksa. You could also find some local delights like potato crackers or "keropok" inside the stalls of the wet market just next to this shop.

  2. Will hunt for this laksa this coming weekend :)
    yo !

  3. Jim - agreed, the moment I went there in rush mode... the wet market stalls were probably in renovation mode, all fenced up. Didn't manage to figure out what to renovate :-)

    Allie - go for it!~ I will re-visit there to hunt other interesting foods :-) Happy hunting :-)

  4. i love lasksa alot..this really tempt me..=(

    Eileen Eng

  5. Eileen, your cousin sure kill me :-P Laksa always tempting with its sourness and spicy-ness :-)

  6. i love laksa very much,but not kim laksa!another store at opposite of old market,the taste is much better than 'kim laksa'

  7. Thanks for your information. I will try out the opposite store located at the old market. I remembered the last time I visited that area, the old market like renovating in progress. I should pay another visit to try out your suggested one. who knows, probably will have some surprises :-) Have great days!


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