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Penang - Rifle Range Flats - Chee Cheong Fun & Lam Mee

From Greenlands tunnel, there are 4 traffic lights to pass. Once 4th traffic light - Esso petrol station is on your left. Before 5th traffic light, Convent Green Land high school is on your right. Turn left and take the Air Itam route. You will pass by Chinese graveyard area on your left. Keep right lane. After the traffic light, follow the road until you encounter there's a signboard - take Jalan Padang Tembak and turn right. Chung Ling High School is on your left now. After the traffic light, keep left. Drive about 10m distant, turn left. Follow the road until you see Rifle Range Flat. When you see the SRK Padang Tembak (primary school), ready to turn left. Park beside the road. You can walk straight to the food court. On your left - you should see the wet market.

Parking convenience: Fair (Suggestion: Try park beside the school and walk to there)
Hygiene: Fair

Part 1
Food: Curry Chee Cheong Fun / Chee Cheong Fun
Type: Non-Halal
Location: Rifle Range Flats / 打枪铺组屋
Price: RM1.60 (2 pieces - Chee Cheong Fun)

Stall Owner: Mr. Neoh Soo Guan (016 463 6594)
Stall Operation: 0730 - About noon (depends on customer volume - may rest earlier if finishes)

Rifle Range Flats with Old Primary School

My Childhood Place
Ask any old generation or 70s born Penangnites - they should know Rifle Range Flats. Lots of memories over here. In 1970, Mr. Neoh already started his business, I was not even born. I left this question about where am I for you to imagine :-P Damn, just realise - I'm becoming old biscuit (in Cantonese; in Chinese - 老饼). Let's not talk about my age - it's secret!

Rifle Range Flats

Rifle Range Flats

Too Late - should blame CS!
Brought my shift partner cum 鸟人 (someone able to crack dirty jokes spontaneously) - Chuan Sing (CS in short. Hey, not Counter-Strike!). It was 1030 in the morning, when I met the stall owner - Mr. Neoh - he immediately smiled at me and shake his head. Oh no, no more curry Chee Cheong Fun. We only able to try out the normal Chee Cheong Fun with sauces.

Spy-shot from far
Mr. & Mrs Neoh

Mr. & Mrs. Neoh
Order Management

Old Taste
Have a plate of normal Chee Cheong Fun (2 pieces) - the old taste never change - I can still recall the taste vividly. Steamed Chee Cheong Fun feels ”solid" and fresh to crunch. The heat is equally distributed and maintained. To justify this, put it in your mouth - you can immediately justify whether it is fresh or not. Unfreshed Chee Cheong Fun is too soft and sticky.

Preparation Tools
Preparation Tools

The sweet sauce and salty prawn paste are equally balanced. The oil that dances with the Chee Cheong Fun make it more springy to put in your mouth. Sesame (this is not the code to open door over here!) sprinkled on top of it to make it more fragant and unique. I particularly love this simple type of traditional Chee Cheong Fun! I purposely asked Mr. Neoh to add chilly. Blended chilly is not that spicy. Only my sweat system still out-of-control to sweat like after-bath. CS kept on saying - wah lao - I'm worse than him.

Chee Cheong Fun

I Will Be Back
Mr. Neoh reminded me to visit the stall at about 0800 - curry Chee Cheong Fun is definitely available to order. No specific time to say how long will it finish - it's totally depending on the customer volume. Before I go for another hunt - I repeated myself to Mr. Neoh - No Problemo! I WILL BE BACK ~~~ to eat the curry Chee Cheong Fun! (sounds like Arnold's Terminator movie)

Part 2
Food: Lam Mee / 淋面
Type: Non-Halal
Location: Rifle Range Flats / 打枪铺组屋
Price: RM2.20 (Small) | RM2.70 (Big)

Stall Owner: Mdm Ang (04 828 3804)
Stall Operation: Morning until Noon

Lam Mee stall

Another Target
In fact, we sat beside this stall. Mdm Ang is quite shy to speak about the Lam Mee. After certain while, I only came to know she actually inherited from the previous old aunty who unable to sell anymore. 30 over years experience to pass down. Luckily I can still taste this Lam Mee. Mdm Ang started about 1 year ago to continue this Lam Mee business with her daughter's help.


Check out how the noodles and "bee hun" enjoying SPA!

The Powerful of Sambal Chilly
You may choose to eat Lam Mee without sambal chilly. The taste is still good. With added "Sambal", I bet you will get "high"! (hey, there is no ectasy applied here!)

Sambal in focusing

Having Lam Mee, I suggest you add in "Sambal" - I hardly give a valid WHY. You have to try it yourself.

All this while, I only know garlic oil added but never expect lark oil also mixed in to add fragant for the soup. Heavy taste of spring onion and fresh springy bean sprouts. There is nicely sliced omelette and small shrimp sprinkled on top of the Lam Mee. Thin-sliced pork also included.

Lam Mee

The soup based has little bit of prawn taste. Mdm Ang is pretty busy - thus I avoid to disturb her to dig this out specifically.

Overall, the old taste still there. I always love old taste because I'm old biscuit enough! :-P


  1. Great Shots! Just love your angle!

  2. so much choices of food in Penang

  3. It's been years not having a bowl of lam mee. You just reminded me.

  4. The uncle sells curry chee cheong fun is not here anymore. the children is taking over his business.

  5. Thanks Sherry for leaving message. I miss this Chee Cheong Fun. Heard the uncle met accident. Sad to hear.


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