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Penang - Beach Street - Hokkien Mee

Food: Hokkien Mee / Prawn Noodles
Type: Non-Halal
Location: Beach Street
Price: Depends on what you order

Stall Name: 桥头福建面 (Bridge Head Hokkien Mee)
Owner: Mr. Lau
Stall Operation: 0700 - 1700 (Rest on Monday; Suggested time to visit early morning; they may close earlier about 1300 or 1400 if the soup is finished)
Address: 533 Lebuh Pantai 10300 Penang

Parking Convenience: Bad
Hygiene: Fair

Direction: -
(Google Map is not updated thus need words description)
Suggest you to take Jelutong Expressway if you are from Bayan Lepas area or Free Industry Zone (FIZ). Go straight (no left turn or right turn). Just follow the road sign to Georgetown direction. Right after you pass-by E-Gate Business Building, you will see the Tenaga National Berhad (TNB) Factory on your left, still go straight.

Go all the way straight without any turning. When you go down-slope road, you will see there are two cross-road traffic lights (within your sight definitely, distant is about 100 meters in between). Start to keep left lane, you will see both road sign boards also can lead you to Komtar. Take the 2nd traffic light to turn left. Before turn left, you will see there is a Chinese temple and the low-cost flat on your left. After left-turn, keep right. You will see a large compound on your right. Another 50 meters will have a cross-road traffic light. Make a small U-turn when it is green light, you will park your car in the compound. You see the Travel Agent, the stall is there.

*Notes: Sorry about the big drain description. I justified wrongly.

The Brand

It was my 3rd attempt to hunt down after my Hokkien Mee SiFu recommended this old taste Hokkien Mee to test. First attempt, didn't check properly on their rest day; 2nd attempt due to stall owner had urgent issue to settle.


Mr. Lau, the expert

According to Mr. Lau, they already moved 3 times as well. This is the 3rd location they fixed their selling location. They didn't move far. If you check out the space that you park your car beside the big drain, you will notice a big long empty field there before reach the stall. There was their home before. Old type of house in town area before WW2 normall very lengthy one. Due to the urbanization, they moved slightly further beside the big tree, the Aunty told me. Then they moved to this shop and rented it. The selling actually started in 1963, Mr. Lau is 2nd generation to retain the Hokkien Mee business.


Double Roles
Mr. Lau used to be manufactured soya sauce. The lengthy old house gave advantage to put the container to produce soya sauce. You can find out another old style soya sauce factory in Penang in my personal blog - Sunset Industry - Soya Sauce factory in Penang. Mr. Lau no longer mass produce soya sauce due to high cost and limited land space to allow. He only produces little to cater his Hokkien Mee business and small volume for his business friends.

Empty space that used to have lots of soya sauce containers

Old Taste
Well, you may wonder why keep on pressing old taste. Hokkien Mee has two different kind of taste and fragrant. The moment I tested out to cook myself, my SiFu pointed out this very clearly. Old taste normally comes with strong prawn taste. There is no new taste - it is just a mixed taste. Old taste stress more on the prawn and cooking process on soup base. Mixed taste actually have other part of pork to add in. This depends on individual preference. Different people, different feedback.

Standard order
Standard Order

Boiling Process on Noodles
Beside soup base, the short boiling process on noodles is extremely important to ensure the noodles is springy when you bite it.

Boiling Process

Added Ingredient
Hokkien Mee with added ingredients

Still resist yourself? Don't torture yourself please :-)
Can you resist?

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