Friday, May 8, 2009

Penang - Campbell Street - Roti Bakar (re-visit)

Food: Roti Bakar (Toasted Bread)
Campbell Street
1 set of bread (2 slices) - RM1.60 | 2 half-boiled eggs - RM1.20

Shop Name:
Toh Soon Cafe - Ooi (016 496 4586)
Stall Operation:
0800 - 1800

Parking Convenience: Fair
Hygiene: Fair

Direction: -
You only have one way to enter Campbell Street from Penang Road to reach this shop. Just about 5-10 meters distant, you can see a backlane in between shop lots, Toh Soon Cafe is located there. You hardly miss this shop as you will see crowds over there.

Re-visit this place with my new partner on food hunting, DC.
Dao Chuan aka DC

Humourous Lady Boss - Madam Sexy

Had a wonderful session to eat and enjoy small chat with lady boss. She took order to list out what we able to order in swift tone. Both DC and I stunned to order. She took further decision to place us with one peanut set and one roti kahwin. 2 set of 2 eggs and 2 glasses of Kopi-peng. We felt released by the ordering stress.
Mdm Sexy

Please do not let her know I spyshot her Sexy wear. :-) Otherwise, I will definitely become Kung Fu Panda, I meant my eyes.

Peanut Toasted Bread
Tried out the peanut toasted bread. Though I love peanut butter, I still prefer the home made kaya to mix with butter. Probably traditional taste and habit that conquer my preference.

Old Machine Noise

Old Ice Blender

It's good to hear the old ice blender noise. It attracted my desire to shoot it down. Younger age - I hate this noise... Now I kinda miss this very much. In earlier age, I could hear this noise in opposite of shoplot which is 30 meters away, opposite side road. Imagine that :-)

The Space Ship

The Space Ship




  1. wah - look at where they toast it!

  2. Sara - they toast it in "Space Ship" - this is the name I prefer to call :-P We should add little imagination to stay joy :-)

  3. i like the way they served toast bread in Penang.

  4. Agree Foodbin. Their customer service is excellent, you definitely feel comfortable :-)


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