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Penang - Bukit Jambul - Roti Jala | Nasi Lemak | Roti Bakar

Food: Roti Jala | Roti Bakar | Nasi Lemak
Bukit Jambul
1 set of bread (2 slices plain) - RM1.20 | Add RM0.30 (Jam, Peanut Butter, Kaya)| 2 half-boiled eggs - RM1.20

Shop Name:
FIH Catering
Shop Owner: Djodzamir Kasim aka Abang Joe - 012 554 7127 | 04 643 2717
Stall Operation: 0700 - 1000 (Sunday CLOSED)

Parking Convenience: Fair
Hygiene: Fair

Direction: -
If you comes from Penang Airport, go straight until the Penang biggest roundabout, take 9-o-clock turn (means turn left lar). Keep right lane after turn. Go until traffic, ready to turn right. Now you will see Marvest building in 2-o-clock your direction. Once turn right, keep left and turn left when you see small junction. Go straight until you see a Malay restaurant on your left. Now you can look for parking.

VSS Hero
It wasn't accident for Abang Joe to start catering business. He took a brave step to accept VSS to challenge himself for life changing style - FIH Catering business. His vast experiences on logistic, F&B field and networking helped to make a solid foundation on his kick-start business. His wife and mother-in-law helped him much on learning fast in catering. Salute him from bottom of my heart.

Abang Joe
Abang Joe

** I would like to special thank Abang Joe for inviting and introducing me his unique traditional foods. **

This restaurant covers breakfast, lunch and dinner - handled by Abang Joe's family members. In this hunt, we will focus mainly on breakfast session.

Part (1): Roti Jala
Roti Jala is not available at everytime you visit. I suggest you either give a ring to Abang Joe to confirm if you really wish to eat Roti Jala rather than reach there with disappointment.

Roti Jala

Roti Jala directly translate into English is Net Bread. This traditional Malay snack is very unique on its taste, process-making and its appearance. If you ever think of the normal bread, please throw away the old impression. It looks like net in round shape. Probably you may argue as thin pancake :-P

Roti Jala in the making

According to Abang Joe - old style Roti Jala making used bare hand with fingers to make it like net (jala). But the raw material liquid is more dillute for convenient purposes. First time I heard about this. Now in modern days - they use a special made container to prepare Roti Jala, of course no longer dillute - oppositely it is more thicker in raw material liquid.

Cooking & Organizing
Cooking and Organizing


The Storage Method

Low Cholestrol & Low Fat Snack
It is prepared with the composition ratio of 1kg of flour, 1 egg and couple of spoonful butter. It is a healthy food. Why healthy? No palm oil and no coconut milk were added. The purpose of butter added is to avoid Roti Jala becomes sticky on fried pan. According to Abang Joe, palm oil only serves two purposes to make Roti Jalar looks more presentable (shiny) and non-sticky on pan. I personally found the Roti Jala is not shiny at all with what I had seen in other stalls or restaurants. Check the below picture for self-explanatory.

Gravy - Sauce That Probably Rock You
Roti Jala tastes little salty in original. Normally eats with chicken or beef curry. During my lucky visit, there was no chicken or beef curry. Abang Joe introduced me to test eat Roti Jala with two gravy - sweetener condensed milk and ikan bilis spicy gravy. He also excited to highlight - there is another special gravy to eat with Roti Jala. It is sweet gravy, made of durian paste! I'm not a fan of durian but I'm interested to try. Will try and share it here if I'm lucky :-)

My Complimentary Breakfast

If eats with sweetener condensed milk, a combination of salty and sweet tastes penetrate your taste bud. You have to try it out yourself. Hardly inexpressible in more detailed description. If you able to tolerate ikan bilis spicy gravy, then it is also a good choice to go for this. This ikan bilis is actually for nasi lemak gravy.

Part (2): Nasi Lemak
If you think you have tried enough nasi lemak taste, try here.

Nasi Lemak

The Nasi Lemak itself is already special with coconut fragant. Here - you will find another fragant that recall me of old village taste! This fragant reminds me exactly Nasi Dagang I had in Dungun (Terengganu state). I was over-joyed by the taste discovery. (ok, I'm hunting for Terengganu taste Nasi Dagang in Penang, leave this topic first until I able to hunt it down, so you know what to do - have information, please share!)

The secret ingredient is a kind of oldest spice named "Halba". It is a must ingredient to cook Terengganu Nasi Dagang. The fragant melted me long time ago during my childhood :-) For those "rice-tong", I can guarantee you will finish 3 bowls of nasi lemak.

Nasi Lemak

There are several gravy available - ikan bilis, prawn and so on. Fried egg or full-boiled egg is available. If you look for peanut, check with Abang Joe. Sometimes the peanut finish fast.

Part (3): Roti Bakar

Roti Bakar

The toasted bread here is totally different from my previous post. No "cotton-bread" supplied here (otherwise I won't write this out). They used a type of roti I frequently pronounced it wrongly. Correct pronounciation is - "Pangkali Roti", not "Benggali". Please take note.

This bread is thick and hard type. NO BBQ here using charcoal like old Hainanese style. They used the same pan to grill for less than 30 seconds. A thin later of butter wiped on the bread surface to make it more cripsy and tasty after grill.

Powerful Double Eggs

They will put the half-boiled eggs on top of the bread. Served like western style in big plate. So, don't look for cup that contain half-boiled eggs :-P Soya sauce and pepper added based on your personal preference.

Enough complain on me and my photos? Now go and try yourself, don't gulp your saliva over here please :-)

Thanks goes to Meng who silently spyshot the video without my alert :-)


  1. i hope to try this nasi lemak you recommended...and check out the special fragnant...

  2. Thanks SimpleGirl :-) Let me know what do you think? Is it the rice taste like Nasi Dagang? :-)

  3. hey, what lens are you using? nice shots!

  4. hmm....would like to try it out one day. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks Food Paradise :-) For roti jala, you may need to ring Abang Joe to confirm. :-)

  6. allie, it is just Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AiS len :-) I guess your food portrait also use 50mm AF len, right? :-)

  7. i think roti jala goes well with curry chicken.

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  9. The Roti Jala looks yummy! Would recommend this dish on my start catering business website.

  10. Vincent, thanks a lot on inviting me to add my site in :-)

    Thanks Sean for your kind recommendation :-)

  11. Thanks Lynn_Roey for visit. Have great weekends!

  12. Not sure if you find any place selling nasi dagang or nasi kerabu in Penang? ;)

  13. Good day Roey! I have been searching for Nasi Dagang at all time in Penang but failed to find one that was like I tried out in Dungun, Terengganu before. Did try out before in KL shopping mall but still feel like missing something that is inexpressible indeed.

    I love Nasi Kerabu but not yet started to hunt for it as I'm still learning on how to differentiate which one is good or fair. Probably need to learn from you on this :-)

  14. Yes, well, I'm from Terengganu but work in Penang for almost 2 years. Sometimes I feel like want to eat but do not know where to find. Once I back home, I will go to hunt down all these foods with my wife.. Lolz..
    There is another dish call "Nasi Minyak", probably you have to try this in Terengganu. :)


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