Sunday, January 17, 2010

Penang - Bukit Gedung - Nasi Lemak

Type: Halal
Location: Bukit Gedung
Price: Depends on what you eat

Stall Owner: Maria
Stall Name: Kastam Coffee Shop
Contact: 012 472 6114

Stall Operation: 0630 - 1200

Parking convenience: Fair
Hygiene: Fair


If you are from airport (you are actually at Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, after the famous Snake Temple and Wisma Than Siang), when you see the traffic light, turn left to Jalan Tengah. Go straight until you see the next traffic light - turn left again to Jalan Mayang Pasir. Drive further. After the small bridge, keep right and you will see the a T-junction. Mosque is exactly on your right now. Turn right into Persiaran Mayang Pasir. You will notice your left is old terrace houses while on your right is new terrace houses. After terrace houses on your right, you should see the shoplot. At the end of the shoplot - you see a clinic (Klinik Hari).

The Clinic

Get prepared to turn right into small lane where the wet market located - Komplek Makanan & Pasar Desa Mayang. You may face some congested traffic due to motorcycle or crowds walking around.
Drive further following the small lane, you will see a small field open for parking. The shop is actually located behind the wet market.

I kinda like this place where you actually can have false impression of you are not in Penang island. Beside the wet market, there's a river with open field in green. Sometimes, cows are there to fufill their hunger by eating the grasses. Alright, enough crap of landscape description.

Maria Kuih

Part of the attraction to this small shop is the Nasi Lemak. Don't get me wrong, I only eat Nasi Lemak occasionally. In fact, I don't encourage to eat too frequently due to the coconut milk. Ms Maria did not prepare this Nasi Lemak. She sells several "kuih-muih" together with Nasi Lemak. Her friend actually prepared this.

Nasi Lemak

My wife introduced me this Nasi Lemak. The coconut milk in rice fragrant able to melt you. The spicy sauce is not too spicy as you can taste. I love the crispy "ikan-bilis".

Delicious Kuih Kodol - ah... this is prepared by Ms Maria!
Kuih Kodol

Most of the shops are selling Malay foods. You can find the "pasar pagi" where seller setup their stalls to sell stuffs. I noticed a few Chinese sellers promote necessity stuffs as well. Multi-racial environment which reflected our Malaysian spirit to live together harmoniously.

Ms Maria
Ms Maria

Anything activate your possible hunger?
Any choice you wish to whack?

Anything you like?


Try best to go there earlier, otherwise the Nasi Lemak sure "habis-sapu". If you enjoy the noisy marketplace and able to have your breakfast there, this is the place for you to get your simple breakfast - "kampung" feeling - to be precise!


  1. I suggest you post direction with google map for easier navigation.

  2. Thanks Casey, I will include Google Map in my every post for searching convenient. :-)

  3. Thanks for the sharing. I am actually passby this location everyday but so far never step in there and try the food. Perhaps I will find a day to check out the food there! :-)

  4. Looks so tempting weiiii

    Eileen Eng

  5. KM, in fact, I love the kampung environment - very familiar and very homely feeling. Indulge yourself alone or with friend to enjoy an early breakfast there. Words no longer able to express - you gotta try it out yourself there :-)

  6. Eileen, I will ensure you have home sick when you head to KL :-P Visit my post for Penang food then, my evil writing able to cure your home sick but unable to cure your hunger :-P kekeke... take good care :-)

  7. Probably in the same row of shops, there is another lady selling Nasi Lemak (Kak Sal). Hers is heaven :-) order that with her on-the-spot fried chicken.. yummy. And she makes mean meehoon soup and soto (soft rice cube with chicken soup).... i thought it is a waste not to mention this auntie shop if you are in the neighborhood.. She opens from 8-9am till noon i think.. always enjoy any food posting :-) great blog

  8. Thanks a lot on your suggestion. You didn't leave your name here. I will try best to re-visit the location and try out what you suggested :-) Have great days and take good care :-)

  9. Bro, u shld go SRI NIBONG Wah Lai Yeh kopitiam try "FATTY MEE" 大碌面. Very nice... Richard...

  10. Thanks a lot Richard for your suggestion on Sri Nibong Wah Lai yeh kopitiam punya 大碌面. I think I visited and noticed the stall before if I'm not mistaken. Will try out :-) Thank you very much :-)


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