Monday, January 11, 2010

Penang - Jalan Tengah - Mee Goreng

Type: Non-Halal
Location: If you read my previous post on Jalan Tengah Roti Canai - it's
the other end of coffee shop
Price: Small - RM2.50 | Big - RM3.00 (add thin crispy fried cake - RM0.50)

Contact: Miss Mei Chong - 010 563 8336
Stall Operation: 1130 - 1800 (Wednesday OFF)

Parking convenience:
Fair (this depends on parking space available - one warning - small drain do not cover up - you may aware with tyre gone into small drain accidentally)

Hygiene: Fair

If you come from Penang International Airport, after famous Snake Temple, turn left at traffic light, then drive about 20-30 meters distant, turn left into residential area. You will see the Jalan Tengah Burger stall in front of you. Nope - not the burger again, just drive further down to T-junction, the mosque should be on your left, turn left to the end road. Find parking space. At the end of road, walk right and you will head to the stalls.

Miss Mei Chong - shy in front of camera
Miss Mei Chong

The Chef
Chef of Mee Goreng

Tasty & Crispy bite

The Stall

I don't understand why the name is not Mee Jawa Goreng instead of they label as Mee Goreng :-) Arghhh, for me, as far as the fried noodle is tasty, there's it!

I will order extra crispy fried cake definitely, wanna have a crispy moment?
Wanna have a crispy moment?

In fact, it's Jawa noodle. This is what I can conclude. Looks similar like Indian Mee Goreng but the taste differs slightly. The attraction on this noodle is the crunchy groundnuts and thin crispy fried cake. Fried noodles itself not spicy. Ensure you squeeze the given lime cut on the noodles while serve hot. Your tongue immediately will enjoy the sweet and sour taste when noodles enter your mouth.

Hard to resist?
Mee Goreng / Mee Jawa

One thing, the fried noodles not completely dry version. It serves with specially cooked tomato sauce, thus little bit wet when you notice the presentation.

Call it Mee Goreng or Mee Jawa :-)
Mee Goreng / Mee Jawa

The thin crispy cake serves on top of the fried noodles. Showering with groundnuts and the special cook tomato sauce. Presentation activate your hunger then. Enjoy!


  1. This is good! You remind me that I must go back to have that! :)

  2. Allie - everytime I go there, this is my compulsory order :-) I will re-visit this stall when my working schedule back to normal next month.

  3. Yes, I particularly like this store and normally I will order fried Jawa noddle with maggie.. tasty and nice!

  4. Yes, I particularly like to order Fried Jawa noddle with maggie, it is nice and tasty. The price is consider cheap if compare to other store. The portion is big too.


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