Monday, March 23, 2009

Penang - Jalan Tengah - Burger

Food: Burger
Type: Halal
Location: Jalan Tengah, Bayan Baru
Price: Normal - RM2.80 | With egg - RM3.30 | Special RM3.80 (customised order will determine the final price)

Stall Owner: Mr. Hilmee (012 409 3644)
Stall Operation: 2000 - 0300 (depends on customer volume - may rest earlier if finishes)

Parking convenience: Fair (this depends on parking space available - one warning - small drain do not cover up - you may aware with tyre gone into small drain accidentally)
Hygiene: Fair


If you are coming from Penang International Airport, right after the famous snake temple, take left turn, then drive for 20-30 meters distant, turn left into residential area. You will see the stall is facing the road.

When you are bored with McD
Imagine when you are working in night shift, there is limited choice to have meal around. Most of the food stalls are closed and mostly you will find Mamak chain restaurant open 24 hours. When you are bored with McD burger taste - try something local burger that may change your impression.

Burger Expert

Irresistible Taste
The stall owner had been there for 25 years. Both stall owner and his chief assistant were camera shy. I respected their decision - I only went spy-shot them. Hmmm, my bad - the photo still "broadcast" in public.

Burger Expert

This local burger is different from other stalls. There are two things differentiate from other stalls. First one is pepper. If you ever taste for most of the local stall - you will find most of the cook over-shake the pepper on burger. I love pepper but not in this way. You don't expect to eat pepper powder at the end of day, do you? Secondly, mayo mayo mayo taste. The most obvious stuff in front of the cooking section - mayo sauce giant container. If you order directly for burger without specifying anything - the stall owner will assume you wish to have all kind of sauces - chilly sauce, tomato sauce and mayo sauce.

Burger Bite

There are two options of burger meat to choose - chicken or beef. You will find the burger not over-fried, the frying duration is just in time. During the frying time, bread was put with butter to toast at the same time. Bread is ready when the brownish appear like after BBQ. Owner will take out the bread and put nicely. Veges, sliced cucumber and chopped onion put on top of bread, then both chilly sauce and tomato sauce follow up on top of vegetables :-) The burger will be finalised with little pepper and Lea & Perrins Sauce. No nonsense cook and don't judge by the out-of-shape-bread. Taste once, who knows you may hook with it.


  1. hahahhaa.... this my favourite stall for burger leh... their burger tastes very nice.

  2. i will definetely give a try when I go to Penang, after reading your post...seriously delicious ya?!

  3. Food Paradise - yeah... I think lots of people hooked with it. Not to mention how many of them really get addicted :-P I did ask the owner what had they put until I also addicted with the taste. They laughed out loud - I cracked this joke with them :-)

    SimpleGirl - yes SERIOUSly delicious. I assume you may change your interest to this burger and no longer a fan of McD :-P LOL!~

  4. I tasted it before. Yes, is truely nice..the saurces are just OK and they dont over add the tartar souce.

  5. KM - Yes, truly delicious. The attraction is they don't over-fry or put too much pepper like other stalls.

  6. I have yet to try this burger, looks tempting... sure love to try it. Thanks for sharing the location :)

  7. Thanks CK. So far, I still love the burger. One of my ex-colleague addicted to this stall, I'm bad! :-)

  8. There is 1 burger stall called Azmie Burger at the malay food court of mayang pasir... near bukit gedung...

    I have been supporting him since he started his burger stall near my house, now he manage to enlarge his business and move to the food court...

    It is really nice, service are good too... Worth a try.

  9. Hong Cn is nice to drop my place n view


  10. Thanks a lot M.Kern and Zul's Burger for both of your kind sharing. My schedule is still tight enough. Apologize on my delayed respond. I will pick one day to try out your suggested stalls. Take good care and have great weekends! :-)


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