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Penang - Tanjong Bungah - Ingolf's Kneipe

Restaurant: Ingolf's Kneipe (German Restaurant & Bar)
Type: Non-Halal
Address: 1F, Jalan Sungai Kelian, Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Penang
Contact: 04 899 5796

The hand-sign symbol is pointing exactly the shop location.

Environment: Good (until I wish to drink beer :-P)
Parking Convenience: Good
Hygiene: Good

Operation Hour:
Mon --> OFF
Tues - Sat --> 1200 - 1430; 1900 - 2230 (forgot to confirm the bar drinking available hour, ouch!~)
Sun --> From 1500

InGolf's Kneipe

Owner is going outstation
Didn't manage to talk to the restaurant owner. So far, I only see 3 staffs were working to serve customers. One was handling the bar center, another two were walking around to serve customer with foods and drinks. I personally dare not hold them for too long to dig information. The only thing I dig out - the chef who was cooking - local chef, not the German chef.

Inside Out

Good price with good environment
If you are looking for good price with good environment, I vote for this German restaurant worth to try out. This is the first place that make me wanna have beer. Ok, I try best not to side-track on beer first. Let me talk about foods my wife and I ordered. It was the post birthday celebration with my wife - reason? I was working during her birthday, bad boss disagreed to approve my leave application. (I hope boss does not read this "kutuk" / curse, psssh, zip your mouth please.)

During lunch hour from 1200-1500 (if not mistaken), when you order lunch - the ice lemon tea is free (not free flow). Great saving.

Our orders: -
1) Home made German Porkpattie - RM12.30
2) One piece of Grilled Boneless Chicken Leg - RM12.30
3) Two bowls soup of the day (mushroom soup) - RM4.30 each
*notes: if you have small stomach size, you can avoid ordering soup - it's simply too heavy.

Mushroom creamy soup with bread bun

I would say the mushroom soup was too creamy - Not my preference. The creamy taste hide the mushroom smell totally. I prefer strong mushroom smell, it's taste more wilder :-) The bread bun was not so warm, at least not that level to see oven smoke come out from bread bun. My wife highlighted regarding this.

Home made German Porkpattie

Sweating with black pepper corn sauce

Sauces that penetrates your taste buds
I personally ordered German Porkpattie. It is grilled minced pork, accompanied by smoothly mashed potatoes and salad garnish. It was finalized with black pepper corn sauce. First, try the sauce first before you start. The black pepper corn sauce is indeed superb. Once it touches your tongue, you can feel the heat start coming out from your ears, smoke from your head and neck. I'm kidding. In conclusion, good black pepper sauce - you can directly feel the heat. Hmmm... mind you - the aroma of black pepper corn sauce able to penetrate your taste buds easily. Share with you my secret - if black pepper sauce is superb, by smelling the aroma, I started to feel like sweating. Don't laugh, it's true! This sauce really makes me sweat! Check out the black pepper sauce texture yourself :-)

I'm biting it!~

The grill level was just good, not over-grilled. You can still feel the juicy minced pork very soft to bite.

Smooth mash potato

Mashed potato, playing another role, is just like ice cream if you blind-fold your eyes to taste its smoothness. Ok, I bluff - there is no potato ice-cream as far as I know :-P Lovely smooth and nice. Sping onion and fried onion gave a mixtured of fried and freshy taste to synchronize. I also love large portion of salad garnish. It gave fresh feeling of eating salad like that. Simple dressing dances with salad just nice. I couldn't raise more question to dig out in detail on the dressing they composed :-) My wife warned me to stop hunting info from staffs :-P Please blame my wife, ok. LOL!~ :-P

Grilled boneless chicken leg

Grilled boneless chicken leg is accompanied by french fries, grill tomato and salad garnish. Covering with mushroom sauce, you can find the nicely sliced mushroom button. The mushroom taste is heavy. Those who love mushroom like me - you will find this mushroom sauce easily hook your tongue. One word - superb!

You will find this restaurant do not charge on service tax. All prices shown are final. No government tax as well. Worth to visit.

Bar Counter

The place that makes me wanna drink beer, I'm serious!
My previous visit with my wife (forgot what celebration, I'm truly absent-minded) during dinner, I ordered a bottle of German beer - Paulaner Munchen brand. When I discovered this beer, I totally forgot about the price. It was RM25 above per small bottle (I didn't see any big bottle like Tiger or Heneiken). When I made payment - just realized probably this beer is fully imported from German. Converting from Euro money should be considered terribly expensive. Worth to try. The beer is very smooth. In fact the bar counter is very nice, this location indeed making me wanna drink beer :-) The fact is when I told this to my wife - she threw me unbelievable stare :-) Why not rewarding myself? What says you? :-)


  1. nice place for meat lover...the dishes look really heavy! for beer, I shall inform my beer lover boy friend to check this out!!

  2. SimpleGirl - You should ask your BF to check this out. I'm not a serious beer lover but both the environment and its German beer really attract my attention try out :-)

  3. Yes this place is a nice place. Will bring my SIL to try it out and compares the food that she had back in Germany. lol

  4. Thanks Food Paradise :-) I wonder is there any German restaurant to try out in Penang island :-)

  5. Hahahha, Paulaner Beer in Malaysia !!! Famous beer from south German. Otherwise I have immediately notice the word Kneipe which is German :-) Nice that you have a try of how German food tastes like :-) The Porkpattie is a very popular snack food here, sometimes served hot and sometimes served cold. Very touching to see that on your homepage. Mushroom sauce is called here Jäger Soße, also very popular. OK. Here is 22.00 at the moment but I am getting hungry looking at your photos.........

  6. Thanks Joyce :-) I didn't know Porkpattie is a snack food. The portion can be considered darn big. I'm falling on the sauces they made, really hooking my tongue.

    Paulaner beer is killing :-P I meant its smoothness. Price is expected after conversion :-) I wish to give it 2nd try on next visit :-)

  7. the salad dressing is vinegrate vinegar base

  8. Thanks a lot on this salad dressing info :-) But you forgot to leave your name here >.<

  9. this place is great... and nice write up too...

    keep it up....

  10. Thanks PenangTuaPui :-) Pretty busy with other shooting stuffs. The hunt still continue :-) Have great days :-)

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  12. Thanks Leslie for dropping by to read. You can post my article in your website. Have great days and take good care :-)

  13. reading ur blogs always makes me hungry
    nice work

  14. Thanks Boozed for allowing me to trigger your hunger :-)Have great days!

  15. About the beer, even if it is fully imported, should not be that expensive. I remember when i was in Germany, 6 bottles of beers were sold for EUR3.60 only. That is around RM16 for 6 BOTTLES of German beers.

    They over-charge badly i think :)

  16. Thanks for comment. RM16 per bottle - I will whack two bottles for sure. Too expensive to spend on this specific brand of beer in Malaysia. Can't imagine if I live in Euro ... hahaha 6 bottles? no problem! :-)


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