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Penang - Pitt Street - Mee Goreng - Bak Chang

*Update (6 July 2009): Chinese Bak Chang no longer available as the original owner rented her shop to others.

Indian Mee Goreng + Chinese Bak Chang
Type: Halal - Indian Mee Goreng; Non-Halal - Chinese Bak Chang
椰脚街 / Pitt Street / Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling

Price: (Mee Goreng) RM3.00 | (Bak Chang) RM2.80

Stall owner: Mr. Raja (Mobile: 016 432 0183)
Stall operation: 0930-1730

Heng Seng Coffee Shop (恒盛茶室) owner: Mdm. Au-Yong (欧阳坚苹) (House: 04 261 9716)
Shop operation: 0800-1700

Parking Conveniency: Good
Hygiene: Good


From Pitt Street, drives all the way to Khoo Kongsi direction - you will see the Heng Seng coffee shop & stall located at cross junction in between Pitt Street and Armenian Street (本头公巷). Further down is Cannon Square. From the front of coffee shop, you can see another Muslim's Mosque in front of you at the end of T-junction in between Cannon Square and Acheh street :-) Lots of interesting things to catch with your eyes there. I guarantee personally :-)

Coincidence - when Mee Goreng meets Bak Chang
It was my selected location to have photo-shooting session with my friend at Armenian street. Right after exhausting photo session, to compensate both hunger and thirsty, mee goreng and ice lemon tea were the rewards I should deserve :-) Bak Chang was 2nd round "dessert" to wipe out for the sake of my weight-loss-program-failure :-P Seriously I'm kidding.

Part 1: Mee Goreng

My awesome misunderstanding - Mr. Raja's Mee Goreng
Few years ago, I tried out the mee goreng before but not up to my expectation thus I stopped trying. It was not Mr. Raja's fault - after Mdm Au-Yong shared out with me - Mr. Raja actually will work for 1-2 years here, then he will travel back to India for 1 year. This firm and strong old man still continue to send back money to his family in India. Respect him from bottom of my heart!~

Mr. Raja - Mee Goreng Expert

Mr. Raja - Mee Goreng Expert

According to Mr. Raja - he sold there for 23 years - Mdm Au-Yong argued that this may over 30 years the stall already there. Hardly imagine this!

Traditional taste

Mee Goreng that I get addicted

I still love to taste traditional mee goreng, no matter how good the other version of Mamak franchise restaurant. Probably this reminds me of my earlier age of tasting Indian food and impression was definitely imprinted so deep. No additional chicken meat nor any green chilly beautify the texture of yellow noodles. It's just a plain yellow noodle fried with spicy "sotong", special marinated fried flour, boiled potato and tomato sauce like that added the fried noodle taste. Not forgetting the well-sliced lime serve as an option to give you a fresh taste of sour in between this. You can find fried egg all over the noodles with crunchy peanut mixed around with the mee goreng. Fresh veges added on top of the Mee Goreng to enhance overall food presentation. Superb combination!~ I still have a major problem - the moment I wrote this - I already gone there for twice within 2 days. See - how sick am I :-P

*Update (6 July 2009): Chinese Bak Chang no longer available as the original owner rented her shop to others.
Part 2: Chinese Bak Chang

Is there any official name for Chinese Bak Chang? I wonder or I assume myself already outdated on the so-called official name to google it :-) Well, you can call it Chinese meat dumpling or bak chang in Hokkien dialect. Whatever it is called - you will miss the taste definitely after trying this here.

Thanks for Mdm Au-Yong for giving me chance to further understand both delicious foods.

Mdm Au-Yong - Heng Seng Coffee Shop Owner

Bak Chang, anytime

For Chinese, normally during Duan Wu Jie (端午节), for foreigners - it is well known Dragon Boat festival. We normally able to have Back Chang to eat during 5th day of 5th Chinese calendar month (五月初五).

Bak Chang - Chinese Sticky Rice & Meat Dumpling

At Heng Seng coffee shop, you can have Bak Chang whenever the stock is available. Wonder why? Everyday Mdm Au-Yong only prepares Bak Chang for only 50 in total to ensure freshness. Each Bak Chang only sells for RM2.80. Worth try.

My dear Tongue - please pay attention
When you eat this Bak Chang, you can feel its solid taste and packed. If the packing done poorly, you will see "crackness" in between external wall of rice dumpling. Do I sound insane to use "crackness"? I disagree - by the way if you can find suitable term - shoot me please.

Bak Chang - not pyramid :-P

Fried sticky rice dumpling packed with both fat and lean meat marinated with special dark soy sauce, salted egg york (orange colour one if you hardly find :-P), chestnut (I'm nut with this!) and thin-sliced mushrooms. Normally chilly sauce will serve as an option for you. My preference - no chilly sauce to spoil the original taste.

Geez ~ don't be greedy
Bak Chang is made of sticky rice. If you have big appetite, two Bak Chang should be enough. Otherwise - don't let your stomach suffer from fullness :-) Come on - you should leave some rooms to have the mee goreng, didn't I write clearly at the abovementioned statement? :-)


  1. Very nice clear professional photos of the dishes to show my husband and daughter who are not yet in Malaysia. Thumb up !!!

  2. Thanks a lot Joyce for reading my hunted efforts :-) Hopefully when your hubby and daughter visit Malaysia, they can try out these delicious foods :-)

  3. yeah..penang is a food paradise besides the beach.. there are many more outlets selling authentic food stuff.. oh gosh, dont remind me, i also hv gained a lot.. always eat, eat and eat..

    I compiled Penang Travel Guide recently. Please visit and have some comments .. Hopefully I will visit Penang soon :)

    cheers Ö

  4. Thanks Joy. In Penang, you hardly resist yourself to try one food by one food, even snack as well. I can guarantee your diet plan may be gone :-P I'm kidding :-) Thanks for the Penang Travel Guide compilation. Will visit shortly :-) Take good care :-)

  5. lovely pics...but the koay teow th'ng guy has moved....there's a new wan than mee fella who took over the shop....sells wonderful wan than mee and a few other types of noodles...u should try it some time...

  6. Thanks a lot Sulin for leaving your comment. I will revisit this shop. Indeed appreciate your suggestion and update :-) Have great weeks ahead then :-)


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