Saturday, March 7, 2009

Penang - Burma Road - Apong Guan

Foods: Pancake / Apong
Type: Halal
Penang Burma Road

Price: RM0.30 per piece

Stall owner: Mr. Uan Cheng Guan / Apong Guan (Mobile: 016 409 3701)
Stall operation: 0900-2100 (preferably 1100 to drop by to avoid queue)

Parking Conveniency: Bad (you only able to stop by but just beware of cars around as beside that has one traffic light. You may try best your luck to check out any available parking space nearby)
Hygiene: Fair


From Penang Road (Komtar direction), keep left, follow the road, you will pass by Mekio Furniture (on your left), further down you will pass by one crossroad traffic light. If it turns red light - you will notice Penang Plaza on your right with Giant brand (green with yellow brand colour). On your left, luxurious cars able to catch your eye in See Hoy Chan building :-) Go straight, you will pass by Pykett School (on your left) and old shoplots... slow down and you will notice the Apong Guan stall on your left at roadside just before another small traffic light.

"Beng" indeed Mr. Apong

Did I say "beng"? Yes. This is local dialect :-P No worry for foreigner who may stun for 1 second :-) "Beng" means cool, arrogant... Oppsss... sounds negative. Don't get me wrong in the first place. Mr. Apong will chop me straight if he reads my writing. I arrived there not in the good timing. He was busy with big order. How big the order? 200 pieces for Kuala Lumpur (KL) order!!! He highlighted he already rejected some of the orders due to this big order. Unbelieveable? Look at the below picture. He didn't even have time to look at me. Geez, unless I'm pretty lady :-P

Busy mode

Mr. Apong - call him Guan

I used dirty trick to get his attention - my camera. Mr. Guan quickly asked - "are you a reporter?" I wish I am (me bluff again!) but the fact is no. "Ask whatever stuffs you wish to know - I'm ready to answer and cooperate with you", confessed Mr. Guan. Did I sound like Captain Soldier? hmmm... let me ponder after finish writing this. OK, I admit I'm talking crap to get you read on. Let's get into topic.

Solid experience
Over 40 years experience to sell Apong there, Mr. Guan is very fast on getting all the pancakes ready within 3 minutes. I clocked this silently. Apong is the term that used across cultures. In English, it is pancake.

Mr. Guan highlighted he uses a lot of eggs. Holy Mama!~ check out the eggs' tower below!

Eggs tower

Get ready with your handkerchief
Yes, bingo. Another subtitle to make you move on - I say - get ready with your handkerchief - does not mean environmental hygiene problem. Look out your saliva leak, pal!

Before ...

Art done

Apong consists of rice flour, eggs, coconut, coconut milk, sliced bananas and creamy sweet corn. You can see the nine-hole-griddle. At one time, there are nine pancakes prepared. Per piece only cost you RM0.30. The ratio of composition - pssssshhh... this is secret. See whether I can crack this secret or not. I'm bluffing though :-P

Beware - Dangerous roadside

Guan's stall

It is advisable to take pre-cautious step to avoid standing in front of the stall - there are lots of cars and motorcycles pass by. When you enjoy taking order there, please please please beware of this. Safety first :-)


  1. wah, now become full time food blogger?
    hey when i come back, pls invite me along

  2. Hhhmmm I remember this man. He chased me off when I asked him for a dollar change, to take the bus. Heheheh, that was like 5 years ago. I guess he was too busy competing with the other stall just right next to his.


  3. You might need to add a simple map to the direction instead of words. You could try out using Google Map...Your food blog will be close to PERFECT.. Good job dude!!

  4. I suggest that you add a simple map instead of words in the direction. You might want to insert a Google Map for a start. This should make your food blog close to perfect. Good job DUDE!!

  5. Thanks a lot bro on your superb suggestion. I will include map plus description on landmark to further assist. Give me little time, I will update my postings with maps soon. :-)

  6. Thanks TC - bug me directly when you fly back to Penang :-)

  7. Thanks Gohgula for dropping by :-) The moment I went there, I did look around the other competitor but failed to find. Probably that guy shifted to another location to avoid :-)


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