Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Penang - Chulia Street - Hainan Chicken Rice

Food: Hainan Chicken Rice / 海南鸡饭
Type: Non-Halal
Location: Chulia Street / 牛干冬街
Price: Less than RM7.00 (depends on your customised order)

Shop Name: 新冠华茶室 (Sin Kwan Hwa Coffee Shop)
Shop Owner: 庄福海先生 - Mr. Zhuang (016 431 3315)
Shop Operation: 1100 - 1500 (depends on customer volume - may rest earlier if finishes)

Parking convenience: Fair (Suggestion: Try Cintra Street parking space before reaching )
Hygiene: Good


T-junction in between Chulia Street and Cintra Street

Side View of Sin Kuan Hwa



Si Fu

"How long you started your Chicken rice business?" I threw direct question. "Since 1964". Wow, this shop history is even older than me :-P I love the coffee shop environment which is giving me an old feeling in George Town. The table set at corner. Very hygiene place to eat. When I went near the shop - directly I can smell the aroma of chicken rice - drooling!~

Throw away your diet plan
Chicken rice itself is already melted it. I can eat it without any chicken, just rice. What a rice barrel you start to know me personally. Pssshhh... it's secret! The rice is not particularly oily - just fair and able to accept for those who is health conscious.

Rice Castle

I love eating chicken breast, all lean meat - also favoured as those fitness practitioners one of the protein input. There are two type of version to choose - roasted or cooked. This round I ordered two version of chicken breast (didn't expect the portion was quite a lot, end up I need to add small bowl rice to finish it) to eat.


Roasted version - the roasted chicken taste able to flow in your lung via your teeth when you put in your mouth. The unique aromatic chicken oil mixed with soya sauce able to "melt" your tongue. The roasted chicken skin is superb. Little bit of crispy and dry. Don't get me wrong - when you have the roasted meat - the water within the meat is not totally roasted until dry. You can still feel the softness within. This is the roasting kungfu - control everything just in time in terms of roasted duration, smell, taste and the water within.

Cooked version let you taste another option to enjoy. When you eat cooked chicken - try best not to remove the skin though it looks oily. The reason why - it is because the moment you put it in your mouth and crunch - you will appreciate the juicy taste that caught your tongue seriously :-) Didn't I alert you to throw away your diet plan? Pay attention please - worth to sacrifice.

Chicken Soup

The sweet and fresh cucumbers able to refresh yourself - it is a perfect combination to eat with chicken.

Hainan chilly sauce
I love particularly how they keep their chilly sauce. This unique sauce able to keep you awake. Of course, I have to point out - if you are those who unable to accept strong ginger & garlic taste or smell - please give this up.

Hainan Chilly Sauce

The chilly sauce consists lots of ginger (in fact, if you ask me to take raw ginger like that - I will reject), garlic, red and green chillies in blended liquids plus certain porpotion of pure water to mix it. For me, it's not so spicy but little bit sour to stimulate your tongue nerve. My style - beside I eat the chicken with chilly sauce, I also normally use few soup spoonful to put on the chicken rice. The rice taste become totally different experience. Recommended to try this.


  1. I love this chicken rice....introduced by a Penang friend.

  2. I know this restaurant because as I was still a child, my father took us the whole family there always when we visited Penang island. Wow !!!! This restaurant still exists !!!!! I am 40 years old !!! I am really touched. It is true that their chicken rice is very very tasty.....

  3. only chicken breast-aiyah you missed the other best part of the chicken.

  4. I used to visit this shop when I was small. However, I think the quality has gone down recently...sad..

  5. SimpleGirl - Thanks, one of my favourite chicken rice shop

    Joyce - Thanks for letting me know this able to recall your childhood time :-)

    Jim Good - The quality and taste for this shop retain in my point of view, thus I still have it several times a month :-) Wonder when was your last visit :-)

    foodbin - agree with you - I will try other parts as you suggested :-)

  6. For my personal view, Chulia Street famous chicken rice is 伍秀泽 :) Maybe I have been eating from this chicken rice shop since I was young. Last time Alan Tam and his gang have visited this shop when they came to Penang to play football :)However, don't set too expectation on thier servcie :)

  7. Thanks Kam Fong :-) My childhood day was also 伍秀泽. I only concluded the chicken rice is a bit oily but the taste still superb. The service was bad due to the customer volume. I still recall vividly one of the owner's wife always give people sour face :-P Wonder whether she had changed her attitude. Probably I should pay a visit to there some other day :-)


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