Thursday, November 26, 2009

Penang - Chulia Street - Ecco Cafe

Food: Italian Cuisine
Type: Non-Halal
Price: depends on what you order

Shop Name:
Ecco Cafe
Chef Owner: LAW Soo Hock
Contact: 012 445 9700 / 04 262 3178
Address: 402, Chulia Street 10200 Penang
Shop Operation: 1130 - 1430, 1830 - 2230 (except closed Monday lunch and all day Sunday)

Parking convenience: Fair
Hygiene: Good

If you come from Cintra Street, try best to look for parking space. At the end of Cintra Street junction with Chulia Street. Check out 10-o-clock direction when you stand at exactly Sin Kwan Hwa Coffee Shop in my previous post.

Time Junction

If you come from Jetty area, take Chulia Street direction. After you pass by 7-Eleven convenient store on your right, about 100m, you will see the
Famous Goh Thew Chik Hainan Chicken Rice on your right. Another 30-50m distant, when you notice Sin Kwan Hwa Coffee Shop on your left, look for parking space nearby. Ecco Cafe is at 2-o-clock when you stop by in front of.

Norah Jones's fan

I visited twice for this shop, first time didn't bring camera. Psss... wife didn't allow :-P Second time, hunted alone at late lunch. Twice I visited, I heard Norah Jones's Don't Know Why. What I can link to this song - Don't know why I come - probably because of the Chicken Pot Pie! :-)

When modern meets old
When modern meets old

Without coffee, I feel terrible - lazy afternoon... *yawning* (pass you some zzzZZZzzz :-P)
Lazy Afternoon - yawning... zzzZZZzzz

Very Simple Menu - you imagine your order please!
Simple Menu

The waiter is a bit lansi cool when I intend to further capture photo of kitchen's interior design. Probably I overstep the borderline - thus not allowed to capture.

Fresh Ground Coffee that hold my tongue

"Knock! Knock! Wake up," Coffee said.
Have a cup of coffee?

After took my order, fresh ground coffee served in a very short while (RM5). Even via machine brew, the coffee fragrant smell already made me high and awake. While waiting, I captured the items surrounded and finished the coffee before even served with Chicken Pot Pie.

Chicken Pot Pie (RM16)

Make you wanna chicken? sorry, it's chicken pot pie, not chicken only!

It does serve smaller portion than I expected but taste really good. I'm drooled to think about its creamy sauce with chicken cubes, carrots, peas and potatoes. The pie-crust cover taste like our local roti canai. Comes with side salad and 2 pieces of bread sticks.

Chicken Pot Pie in naked style
Chicken Pot Pie (naked)

Be careful of your tongue when you take the creamy sauce. It's very hot after baked from oven. I took the bread stick to rinse in the creamy sauce (though not much like soup) for 3 seconds, then bite and taste... full of sensation to taste the half-crispy bread stick with creamy sauce!

My favourite side salad
My favourite side salad

While having half way to clear your chicken pot pie, don't finish up your side salad too early. At least, the salad acts as a refresher to your taste buds after the heavy taste of creamy sauce :-)

I will revisit to hunt for thin crush handmade pizza soon!


  1. I had their pasta and thin crust pizza but it don't really suits my tastebud :P

  2. Allie - I haven't tried out the pasta yet. I love the thin crust pizza at all time. Theirs one is simple and crust enough! My preference!


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