Monday, November 2, 2009

Penang - Lip Sin Garden - Char Bee Hoon

Type: Non-Halal
Location: Lip Sin Garden (opposite old market)
Price: Small - RM1.10 | Big - RM1.30

Contact: Ms Ooi Shaw Yin - 016 444 3724
Stall Operation: 0600 - 1100 (7 days a week; Bi-weekly off but not fix on which day)

Parking convenience: Very Bad (You can consider to park at Lebuh Nipah 1 and walk)

Hygiene: Fair


Ask anyone who stay at Lip Sin Garden - where is the old market. They can show you the way.

Or you can check out the Google Map - look for Lebuh Nipah 1. It's located inside the Medan Mutiara Apartment, just opposite the Old Market. Check out the Kedai Kopi Sin Kek Seng (新格成茶室).

Suggestion - You can park your car about 100m from the coffee shop, otherwise during morning time, you hardly find any available space to fill in.

Simple Breakfast for Everyone

The stall

First impression - the environment is very noisy. If you are looking for quiet place to eat - I'm sorry - you are entering incorrect location to enjoy.

All age level customers - everybody loves to eat :-)
All age level customers

"Since 1986, parents started this business here" recalled Shaw Yin. There are only noodles, bee hoon and kuey teow selling here. No additional like sausage or fried egg to add on. Probably this makes everyone able to have simple breakfast without going through multiple level of decision making.

I had seen longer queue than this

If you happen to get up early morning - I meant about 0600. Visit this stall please. Later you will find out a long queue of working people to buy from them before work. Don't let unexpected long queue to scare you :-)

Laugh All The Way

Shy all the way - I only capture her background - in Chinese - 她的倩影 :-P I hope she won't whack me after published :-)

Kung Fu

Ms Ooi's mum is camera-shy, thus I only able to show her "kung-fu" stance to prepare the noodles. I did realize everytime I take out my camera to start the capturing - a lot of surrounded people will false-assume I'm a reporter from newspaper. I did clarify each time - I just a hobbyist who interested to write about foods and capturing the moments. I doubt they really believe me :-P

Processing Order

Team Work

In fact, through humourous jokes - I find it's easier to open people heart when capturing the moments. I appreciate the trust of Ms Ooi passing me her contact and her humourous aunty never stop making me laugh during moment captured.

From this capture - I don't think they are camera shy - they just don't get used with my "big-potato" camera appearance :-P I like this capture the most in particular - their expression look like finding a gold mine - Don't whack me next time they see me. I still wish to eat the char been hoon :-)
Do they look like camera shy? I doubt that

Taste and Chillies


Not too heavy taste on bee hoon, noodles and kuey teow. Especially the noodles is very springy. For me, I love to have a mixture of noodles and bee hoon at the same time.

Occasionally I will have kuey teow. Naturally - kuey teow is more oily than noodles.
Tempting kuey teow

When you eat - check out the green pickle chillies which rinse in sweet vinegar. Their green chilly is tasty, a mixture of sweet, sour and of course spicy :-) If you wish to challenge your ear comes out smoke - try the sambal. Don't under-estimate the garlic chilly as well. This is my most favourite chilly every time I visit them. Feeling like smoke come out from ears and sweat uncontrollable. The sweet sauce is optional to add upon request. All depend on your personal preference.

Char Bee Hoon

Hot enough?

If you wish to have a good noisy environment time - go for it during morning. You will enjoy the real market environment. You will enjoy the familiar greeting - hello good morning. Trust me - sometimes having a simple breakfast and a cup of coffee to observe people kick-start their days - pretty enjoyable. Of course do this when you are either off or clearing leave :-P Have great days then!


  1. I like economic char bee hoon. Simple and taste good. But Lip Sin is a very crowded area especially in the morning. With my bad driving skill, I'll probably avoid this area :P

  2. Oh I love crowded place - just in front of the old market - you need to drive with extra careful. Come come come - park your car far away from the coffee shop, then you can walk and have this as breakfast :-)

  3. i din know u have a blog on food! My blog pulak is about travelling. Keep up with our passion!
    Anyw...i'll use it as my reference when i dunno wat to eat :P

  4. Thanks Havana. I think I did mention to you about my food hunting passion. Not the expensive restaurant type of food, thus everyone is affordable to try out and keep as personal preference. Have great days and keep in touch :-)

  5. Simple. Cheap. and extremely yummy. I love "economy noodles" :D

  6. Thanks Nick :-) Hopefully I can "korek" more tasty & worth-to-eat economic beehoon and noodles soon :-)


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