Thursday, November 19, 2009

Penang - Pantai Jerjak - Mee Goreng

Type: Halal
Location: If you read my previous post on Pantai Jerjak pancake - it's further down the road only
Price: RM2.20 | with egg - RM2.70 | Add "sotong" - RM3.50

Contact: Mr. Backer - 016 482 1800
Stall Operation: 0830 - 1830

Parking convenience: Fair
(before banking hour)
Hygiene: Fair

If you come from Sungai Nibong bus station via Sg Dua (bus station should be on your left), at the cross junction traffic light, go straight. Along the road, you will pass by residential area and you will see a Thai restaurant on your right. Then you will see another terrace of shop lots on your left with open field, check out the Public Bank and get ready to turn left before the bridge. Turn left again - pass by Public Bank (on your right now). Go further down and look for Backer's stall on your left.

Not from MU

Mr. Backer, not Beckham

His name is Mr. Backer, not Mr. Beckham. He is from Malaysia, not UK, nor MU team. Don't day-dream please! He is an Indian muslim. When I show doubtful eyes - he immediately show his Identification Card (IC) - not making joke - his name is Backer printed there.



18 years of selling experiences, his mee goreng is unique in his way. Frankly - first time when my wife packed from his stall - the taste experience was bad! When I decided to hunt this down - I give another chance to myself, not him! The taste experience is totally different. I hardly conclude subjectively - you must agree with me.

Dry plus wet
Normally if I order fried noodles, I highlight to fried more dry, of course not until the noodles over-fried until without springy bite. Having mee goreng without chilly just like walking down the street nakedly, strictly to my point of view only. If you don't think in that way - don't argue please. Accept as if you wish to read on :-)

Mee Goreng

Mee Goreng

The special thing about this mee goreng - Mr. Backer will check with you whether you wish to add little bit of Pasembur's sauce or not. Take note - this is not mee rebus sauce. Totally different sauce at all. Mr. Backer suggested to put the sauce in another half of the noodles, then you will find the sensation of dry and wet.

The mee goreng mixes with spicy sauce and pasembur sauce generate another unique taste sensation. I like that. Try to add in the pasembur "keropok udang" (fried shrimp cake), beside your head "tink-tink" with sensation - your teeth is actually having happy moment with crispy biting sensation!


  1. It is how I have been enjoying my dose of Mee Goreng. Goreng till fragrant then add a little bit of suase for extra taste.

  2. Jason, agree with legs raised! This is normally how I also go for it if they have special sauce :-)

  3. omg someone wrote about my uncle mee goreng

  4. the best mee goreng + sotong


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