Monday, November 16, 2009

Penang - Pantai Jerjak - Pancakes

Type: Non-Halal
Location: Opposite Public Bank (Pantai Jerjak Branch)
Price: Depends on what you order based on the menu list

Contact: Ah Dee (阿弟) - 016 416 1433 *updated*
Stall Operation: 0600 - 1100 (Wed - rest)

Parking convenience: Fair
(before banking hour)
Hygiene: Fair

If you come from Sungai Nibong bus station via Sg Dua (bus station should be on your left), at the cross junction traffic light, go straight. Along the road, you will pass by residential area and you will see a Thai restaurant on your right. Then you will see another terrace of shop lots on your left with open field, check out the Public Bank and get ready to turn left before the bridge. Turn left again and Public Bank is on your right now. Check out the Ah Dee's stall on your left.

Ah Dee
Ah Dee

Customers aka friends
Customers aka friends

Ah Dee learnt pancake making from his uncle long before he actually involve in selling his own. He started his selling in the beginning of year 2008. Building up good customer relationship and interaction for everyone who purchase one piece or more. Always smiley face and appreciate customer who support him.

Flour that makes the difference
Flour that makes the difference

There are two types of pancakes Ah Dee able to make. Thick and thin types.

Brown sugar (thick version)
Brown sugar (Thick version)

Thick pancake gives you bold feeling, fullness and satisfied. I personally love brown sugar. Of course, brown sugar version is more expensive than white sugar version. Brown sugar version gives you a burning-sweet taste feeling. Probably I used the wrong term to describe. I have that unique taste feeling. White sugar never gives me that kind of sensation so far.

White sugar (thick version)
White sugar (Thick version)

Thin version in the making
Thin & Crispy version

Same goes to thin crispy brown sugar version. Very crispy, just like eating snack for every bite you feel. A layer of crushed peanut and brown sugar on top - definitely cause you unable to stop biting as probably afternoon tea time snack. Thin version takes about 15 minutes to finalize, thus you must have patient if you wish to order.

In the process
In the process

Cheesy in action
Cheesy version - feeling heavy?

Waiting to be "owned"
Waiting for owner...

Thin aka crispy
Bite me?

For those who wish to order in mass - such as more than 10, please call Ah Dee to pre-order one or two days before. He suggests this because he does not wish to make you stand there for 1-2 hours to wait. Kindly take note.


  1. OMG this looks so good. Must. find. it. here. in. Mid valley.

  2. Nick - the pancake is tasty :-) When you come to Penang, alert me please. If my off shift schedule matches yours time - I will bring you for makan to get fat :-P Have great days!

  3. I tried this before.. You might also want to try the one at Anson road or Pulau Tikus..

  4. Jim, I will hunt for that :-) thanks for the information man :-)


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