Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Penang - Sri Nibong - Toast Bread

Type: Non-Halal
Location: Sri Nibong Cafe (理旺茶室)
Price: Depends on what you order based on the menu list

Contact: Mr Soo Nam Fong - 012 539 2802
Stall Operation: 0930 - Late Afternoon

Parking convenience: Fair
Hygiene: Fair

If you come from Bayan Lepas area, heads toward Sri Nibong bus station direction. Keep right. You will see the coffee shop exactly opposite from Sg Nibong police station. Remember to keep right. From traffic light, make a U-turn then keep left after you passed by the Malay school. Turn left and search for any available space. Hallo! not parking at roadside but park in legal space! :-P

Unique One

Mr. Soo

"12 years selling experience, started in year 1998. Original from Seberang Perai. Friends encouraged to come over to Penang island to sell. 7 years in Sg Pinang. Move to Sri Nibong about 2 years plus," Recalled Mr. Soo. The only one stall that sell unique toast bread.

Are you melted for this?

When you encounter toast bread, first impression - you expect half boil egg. Wrong, you can't find half boil egg here but fried egg :-) The only stall that sell a wide variety of choices.

Heavy Weight order

A pair of dancers on hot pan

Of course, I didn't order all listed options. My favourite one still the heavy-weight version: egg, cheese and ham. My order is quite pricey. One for RM3.20, I took two! Damn heavy weight... can settle both meals - breakfast and lunch :-P

If you think about your diet plan - don't look at this capture. Oh blame me!
Call me heavy weight

Love the melted cheese - I'm dying for it. Throw away your diet plan if you wish to indulge into cheesy feeling.The fried ham is cooked with excellent timing. Outer part is crispy and you still able to taste the soft feeling of meat when you bite. The egg taste neutralise the salty taste of ham and cheese which brings a more balance feeling. If you wish to blow yourself, you can consider add chilly sauce in between, then the sweet and spicy sensation will penetrate your taste bud!

Char Siew (minced version) - if he doesn't let me know - I thought this is salted & minced soya bean - 豆酱 - me too imaginative indeed!
Char Siew (minced version)

Sambal (minced dried prawn) - look at it may make me sweat!
Sambal (minced prawn)

Mayo Tuna - no surprise :-)
Mayo Tuna

There are other options that Mr Soo recommend - Taiwanese sausage (during that moment - no more stock), "Char Siew" (minced version - first time I saw this), "sambal" (minced dried prawn), mayonnaise tuna and more. I can't conclude personally on other options good enough. I have my own preference. Probably you can try out those stated here or not stated here. Leave me a comment to share for other option you try out. Thanks.


  1. I'd always have the wantan mee and this bread whenever I eat here. This coffee shop is always so packed with people be it breakfast or lunch time.

  2. Agree with you Allie - in fact, I normally drop by there at odd hour if possible. I prefer to have less packed environment to have my peaceful meal :-) If you see a guy having meal and capturing the shoot at odd hour, probably that is me, drop by and say hi :-)


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